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youngdepression1youngdepression1Posts: 5 Omaha, NE January 18, 2011
I have no idea what to do i have only a couple of months to figure out how imma be able to do this party. If anyone has any advice what i can do please let me know asap!!! Whaaaaa?
Guest January 18, 2011
Where and when are you having this party ?
youngdepression1youngdepression1Posts: 5 January 18, 2011
well in omaha Ne, and in June
info128594info128594Posts: 1 January 18, 2011
first thing that comes to my mind is neon face and body paint
youngdepression1youngdepression1Posts: 5 January 19, 2011
lol i like that idea i'll have to take you up on that
Baile605138Baile605138Posts: 1 January 20, 2011
You could do a hi-lighter party where all of the attendees wear white and you provide either neon paint or actual hi-lighters (which actually work better and are much less messy)and people color on each other. You'd need to rent out black lights to make the effect actually work. And I don't know what your budget or venue is like but depending on that you could have fun game involving neon paints such as making a giant canvas out of a white sheet and fulling balloons with neon paint that people could throw darts at, by the end of the night it'd be a work of art.
youngdepression1youngdepression1Posts: 5 January 20, 2011
wow i really like that idea that sounds really awesome im really gonna have to take you up on that so how much do you think it would cost??
GoBigEventKelvinGoBigEventKelvinPosts: 10 January 21, 2011
It really depends on the size of the venue. I'm not too sure where you can buy neon paint in Omaha but you can check out or They both have great selections of neon paint and cheapdjgear is a tad cheaper. Hope this can get you started

Good luck!

Kelvin Chen
GoBigEvent - Online Event Registration Services
youngdepression1youngdepression1Posts: 5 January 22, 2011
aww thank you this is helping me out alotBig Grin
Guest January 20, 2013
I know this is an old thread. But maybe for future visitors this site can be helpful:
Guest January 22, 2013
Good Day!

You might want to consider your guess wearing a NEON and GLOW in Dark Wristbands. We can put the name or tag of your party with the date of the event. It can serve as a souvenir or invitation ticket for those who will join the party. Try to imagine them wearing it, glowing while dancing and partying.

I would really appreciate to know the details for us to create a FREE sample mock-up for the said event..You can choose any color for the bands and suggest to get the standard size for everybody...wink Were just excited to assist you on this. You may visit our site for your reference at You can also email me at ,,our or call us at 805 350 5775 regards...Sam Andrews
sandra1972sandra1972Posts: 1 January 22, 2013
Hey you should check out they have all that glow and black light stuff and can even do invitations and dj it .

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