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klbrittklbrittPosts: 2 January 30, 2011
where are you located?
lupit614956lupit614956Posts: 2 January 30, 2011
I'm looking for a bday party for 35 people, its for 40th bday
tbutt623350tbutt623350Posts: 2 February 9, 2011
Hi everyone I wil soon be a grandma for the first time. I need all the help I can get on finding a place to hold the event and some help planning the shower also. The place has to be a nice size, to hold atleast 30people
tbutt623350tbutt623350Posts: 2 February 9, 2011
Oh yeah I am in washington d.c and I needthe hall for 4hrs
Guest February 22, 2011
Thank u
Guest February 22, 2011
Guest February 22, 2011
Hey , Im Looking For a Party Room For My Daughter 15th Birthday Approx 25O-3OO People , Around The Area Of Wilmington De . i Need The Hall For 4hrs Pleasee Contact Me Back ASAP .
cv_li633587cv_li633587Posts: 2 February 22, 2011
Looking for a rental hall near Montclair CA. for a June wedding. I have a small budget and I need a hall that could fit up to 250-300 people. I need help!
Guest February 22, 2011
Hi Im looking to reserve a facility for about 20 people for my 21st birthday celebration. Has to be in NE Philly. I need help please!!
Guest February 23, 2011
Hi, I am looking for hall for a birthday party for about 40 guests in Harrisburg, PA area.No Cattering required.
Guest March 1, 2011
hi, im turning 13 and i don't know where to have my party... im looking for a big party room that is big enough for at least 100 people in Arlington, TX i'm trying to help my mom find a place so i really need this help.. :l
Guest March 2, 2011
Looking for a place to have a Family Reunion in Columbus,ga. not from this area will need it for weekend of September 2-4,need a facility that have a banquet room that will hold about 200 people.with tables &chair,projection screen,microphone and etc.
Guest March 2, 2011
also that will let u bring your food to that facility need it for about 6 to 8 columbus,ga.will do the decoration our self with a setup for a banquet dinner.
birthdaygurl2011birthdaygurl2011Posts: 2 March 2, 2011
can some body plz help me find a hall or some were to have my sweet 16
Guest March 2, 2011
looking to rent a party hall for 60-70ppl between 3-10pm on may 15th in the northwest , massachusetts area. No catering required, must allow alcohol.
ljone582339ljone582339Posts: 1 March 2, 2011
I am looking for a banquet hall or private space to hold a 21st birthday party in Nashville, TN.. I want to serve my own food and alcohol.. I do not want to hold this at a bar. I have a band/DJ from 6pm - 1am.. Please help me as the party is March 19, 2011.
Guest March 3, 2011
i am looking for a place to have my moms birthday party/with a old band/about 250 people
marta639811marta639811Posts: 1 March 3, 2011
smtom499747smtom499747Posts: 1 March 3, 2011
looking to rent a room for a wedding reception with approx. 100 guests and for about 6 hours on oct 8 2011 near Manteca, ca
jsmit637396jsmit637396Posts: 2 March 3, 2011
ediemonger wrote:
I'm looking for someone that does setup and take downs for decorations for my wedding on aug.27th does anyone know any one . then i'm having a hard time finding centerpieces as well can anyone help me?

Edie, if you haven't found someone as yet, then contact Nicole 416-720-2240 or Therese 416-918-6353
jsmit637396jsmit637396Posts: 2 March 3, 2011
I am looking for a party room with kitchen facility, tables & chairs for May 28/11 luncheon in East york, Ontario
Guest March 9, 2011
Anyone looking for space in northern or southern california for up to 150 people for a wedding, party or formal event, please contact Danielle Johnson at We have two great spaces available: One in San Diego and One in Sunnyvale.
Guest March 9, 2011
Looking for a space for about 80 people for brithday party, this saturday 12th of March.
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 March 9, 2011
Guest looking for party this week... Where do you want to have the party
ruthm644902ruthm644902Posts: 1 March 10, 2011
i want to rent a party room for a baby shower on may 7 sen me an email if anyone now anything
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 March 10, 2011
Hi Ruth,
Where do you want the party room? This forum is global so you need to state the city and state or province or town or ??? so we can be of help. Ron
Guest March 10, 2011
ok i live in spring valley thats in new york my zip code is 10977
Marga644420Marga644420Posts: 1 March 10, 2011
I am looking for a hall to rent in or around Ocean City New Jersey for a family reunion on July 31, 2011 for around 65-70 people!
broke645348broke645348Posts: 1 March 10, 2011
Looking for an affordable hall/room to rent for upcoming graduation party for May 21st. In Anaheim CA. Catering already booked, so I just need 4 hours, tables and chairs.
ccbab645370ccbab645370Posts: 1 March 10, 2011
i am looking 4 a place to rent 4 my sweet 16. that can hold 150-200 people and has a stage and audio equipmentsmile
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 March 10, 2011
Hi 1995 CC baby,
You need to specify where you want to find the location if anyone is to help you. People from all over the world read this. Ron
swolf645507swolf645507Posts: 1 March 11, 2011
Need a party venue for Mom's 75th birthday. No catering needed. For about 6 hours, in or around Victoria, TX. Probably about 40-60 people. Please give me ideas.
Jhonp645515Jhonp645515Posts: 1 March 11, 2011
Our party is intrested in an event space that can accomodate at least 80 people for a wedding reception dated for April 30th, 2011. We are also  interested in catering services if your agency provides such services.
We are asking for a cost breakdown. Thank you for your assistance.
Guest March 11, 2011
Hi,Our planning group is looking for any one in the Philadelphia area with a building that seat 200 people and have a stage or large dance floor that can donate their space to us for 4 hours to honor the great work of Black women in the Philadelphia area. The space is needed for late April. Thank you for your support.
Guest March 13, 2011
I need a hall or rental space 2 use May 28,2011 3-8pm for my daughters 3rd birthday party. I'm in the olney section of philadelphia,PA anyone know any good places close by
jeane646619jeane646619Posts: 2 March 13, 2011
Nice rental space needed for a family reunion with chairs, tables, bathrooms and a kitchen in or very near poughkeepsie and holds at least a hundred people from 3-12 am
jeane646619jeane646619Posts: 2 March 13, 2011
I need the reunion space for June 11th
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 March 13, 2011
Hi Jeanette,
Have you checked out the Morse Homestead right on Route 9?
Their website is .
Alternatively, can one rent space at FDR or Vanderbilt in Hyde Park?
Also, you could check out the parks in Ulster County right across the bridge.
I wish you the best.

Dr. Ronald G Shapiro
Education By Entertainment
DancerdDancerdPosts: 2 March 14, 2011
hi guys,
I am in desprate need of a venue only. i need it to fit at least a hundred people for a sweet 16. my budget is pretty small so i am looking for a good deal thanks so much. ( party space needed in fredricton new brunswick canada).
DancerdDancerdPosts: 2 March 14, 2011
i need this space for ne of the first three weekends in september of 2011 thanks again.
rebec647580rebec647580Posts: 1 March 14, 2011
Looking for a room to host a baby shower 27 March 2011 for 2 hours. Don''t need catering or any special attendees. A conference room or hall would be great.
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 March 14, 2011
Hi Rebecmec7,
Where do you need this conference room or hall on March 27? Cit/state would help a lot. Ron
kjoin647688kjoin647688Posts: 1 March 14, 2011
hello, im looking to book a 16th bday party for my son in april 2011 for about 100 the southington ct area.
domen649217domen649217Posts: 1 March 16, 2011
Hi I'm looking for a hall rental for a wedding on june 18, 2011 for about 200 people. I'm looking forward in the cities of Hesperia, victorville, adelanto, apple valley, ca.
Sakib649325Sakib649325Posts: 1 March 17, 2011
Im looking for hall rental to fit at least 110 ppl. It's a Henna ceremony which happens couple days before the wedding. I want to book it for a saturday of May 28th or June 4th. My budget is less than $500. I live in Herndon, VA. I'm okay with reston/herndon/sterling. Anywhere in the radius of my home in herndon
Guest March 17, 2011
i want to make my 15 birthday but i wan a hall that can fir 300 people
twizt648217twizt648217Posts: 1 March 18, 2011
I am looking for a place in or near Chicago for a baby shower that will accommodate about 45 people. I just need the space, tables and chairs, We want to bring in all of our own food, decor and everything else.
tjuch650312tjuch650312Posts: 1 March 18, 2011
I am looking for a room @a reasonable price for a baby shower on June 4, 2011 @1pm to 3pm to contain approximately 60 people. It needs to be very simple; tables and chairs.
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 March 18, 2011
Hi Tjuchemich,
Where do you want to have your event? This forum is read by people around the globe.

tjuchemich wrote:
I am looking for a room @a reasonable price for a baby shower on June 4, 2011 @1pm to 3pm to contain approximately 60 people. It needs to be very simple; tables and chairs.
Guest March 18, 2011
I am looking foa space to run a Folk Dancing Club once a week Sundays afternoon from 2 - 4 PM. I need to know price and locality preferably in Delray Beach, Boca Raton or Boynton Beach.
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