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rhian588482rhian588482Posts: 1 January 4, 2011
My fiance and I are trying to plan and pay for our May wedding (in Lynchburg ,VA) ourselves, and I have gotten absolutely nothing done. We don't have a huge budget and I need ideas about how to have a beautiful wedding but have it styill be affordable. Please Help!
JoyfulPromisesOfficiantsJoyfulPromisesOfficiantsPosts: 82 January 4, 2011
You'd better get started! Wedding gowns can take up to 6 months to come in once ordered, for example. Venues and officiants book quickly, too, as do florists and photographers, so you don't have time to waste.

I suggest that you go to your local bookstore and pick up a wedding planning guide. This will give you a ToDo list and timeline to guide you through the process. They will also no doubt have a book on planning a wedding on a budget, which would be a good investment, as well.

As for less costly venues, I would suggest that you start by reading the following posting by Reverend Ann Fuller who frequently monitors these forums: for ideas.

The time of day you plan your wedding can have a big impact on cost. A morning wedding followed by a brunch buffet will be alot less expensive than an evening wedding with a full meal. Or consider an early afternoon wedding followed by high tea. You can also have an evening wedding with just a dessert reception (be sure to indicate on the invitations that's the kind of reception you're having, so your guests know to eat before the wedding).

If you plan to serve liquor, limiting it to beer and wine with a champagne toast will save money. If you have a morning reception with a brunch, you can just serve mimosas (champagne with orange juice) and Bloody Mary's. With a high tea, you don't need to serve alcohol at all.

Holding your wedding on a Friday or Sunday can net a significant savings, as well, not only with the venue but also with other wedding vendors like DJ's, caterers, photographers, etc.

You can save money on flowers if you choose simple bouquets (a single rose with babies breath and ribbons; or a single, dramatic calla lily, for example). Talk to your florist for advice on what's in season, too. Out of season flowers will cost alot more than what's readily available.

You can save money on photography by contacting a local college that has a photography major or classes in photography. Talk to the instructor; s/he may do photography for hire on the side, or may be able to recommend a talented student.

If you're computer-savvy, you can purchase invitation papers from places like OfficeMax and Staples, or online from and print your own and save BIG money.

If you're crafty (or know someone who is), wedding supplies and favors can be found at your local party and craft stores, or online at

Think creatively and I'm sure your wedding will be lovely and won't break the bank!

Best wishes,

Marti Barton, Wedding Officiant
arva570866arva570866Posts: 1 January 4, 2011
Hello, To make your wedding special you can hire a henna artist, to either to henna on the bride or even the guest. Its a unique way of entertainment. People love it because its temporary and free hand.
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Guest January 7, 2011
We can do your intire wedding for you!! just go to our website for details
TonicaTonicaPosts: 6 January 7, 2011
the first thing I suggest you do is take a deep breath and relax. Wedding can be stressfull because we want then to be absolutely perfect. Yes May is near, but we have planned wedding in one month and they were fabulous. My name is Tonica. I am a planner with A TLC Event Design, LLC. We provide wedding planning tips on our site. Please take time to visit and review the tips. We are also available to assist you in your planning. We are in the Maryland Area, but we extend our business in all surrounding states. You have gotten somewhere. You realize you need help and you are seeking it. So good job.

Please contact if you need further assistance.
NeotericExpressionsNeotericExpressionsPosts: 41 January 10, 2011
Now is a good time to start checking into vendors and seeing what the world of wedding planning is all about. There might be things you want in your wedding, there may be things you don't.

Some good questions to start mulling over are: How will you plan for the invitations? What type of music will you have played at your wedding? Do you have a reception or not? How about the bridesmaids, maid/matron of honor, best man and groomsmen?

It sounds like you'll have to get cracking sooner rather than later. Here's a great blog post on more detail that might help you get your planning thoughts moving.

All the best,
coope599447coope599447Posts: 5 January 14, 2011
While you’re working with a short time frame, there’s no need to panic. Due to circumstances, my sister got married three months after engagement. I’ve been to over a dozen weddings and I don’t think any was more beautiful than hers. I’m sure everything will come together for you. While it might seem like a minor detail, we probably can very affordably offer you wedding favors that will ensure your day is very special. Our staff provides beautiful matted watercolor prints of your wedding, or reception venue (or just your favorite spot) for your guests (starting at just $5.00/print). Many of our clients have expressed how a gift of this nature ensures that their wedding is remembered for years. If interested, check out our website
Jamie509904Jamie509904Posts: 1 January 16, 2011
Hi there! I am planning my wedding in April and I was on a budget as well. I ordered save the dates from vista prints, I ordered 100 and spent under $20 they were post cards and I added a picture to them. I plan on doing the same for wedding thank yous! I found flower girl baskets, ring bear pillow, party favor bags, and garder on ebay (they were all new) for under $75. I am also printing my own invitations and wedding programs, I found materials from Hobby Lobby,, for GREAT prices. I hope those little things might help out! My biggest suggestion would be do not go cheap on a photographer, that is the one thing you will keep forever and you can't go back and recreate your big day!
Good luck with everything!
ABETTERDJABETTERDJPosts: 24 February 7, 2011
We can provide both DJ and photographer for only $700 and save you $$$ to use for something else
DesertLightWeddingsDesertLightWeddingsPosts: 130 February 10, 2011
rhiandnismomma3 wrote:
My fiance and I are trying to plan and pay for our May wedding (in Lynchburg ,VA) ourselves, and I have gotten absolutely nothing done. We don't have a huge budget and I need ideas about how to have a beautiful wedding but have it styill be affordable. Please Help!

I just saw your post. Have you gotten some help? If not, email me some of your specifics and I'll try to guide you (no charge). I am a planner or give me a call...either way. I'm not from VA, but can help with ideas to keep under budget and get the things you need now.

Desert Light Weddings
(480) 235-0325
BeyFavorsBeyFavorsPosts: 16 February 14, 2011
Usually the biggest expense is the reception. You can limit your budget by having a dessert and champagne reception,or a brunch. Look at the universities in the area for places to host the event. Liberty is there and if you are willing to travel a little you could come into Farmville, VA. Don't get limos and instead think about renting a nice luxury car for the day. Lastly buy favors that have double duty such as favors that are place card holders or are part of the decor. Some examples on my site include cinnamon stick favors/place cared holders, antique mirror/place card holders, and place card/picture holders. Hope that was helpful. If you DIY please post some ideas on my blog as we are always looking for new ideas.

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