so i need help wit my wedding and i want it ocean themed.... i have no idea where to start???? Messages in this topic - RSS

so i need help wit my wedding and i want it ocean themed.... i have no idea where to start???? Messages in this topic - RSS

onefa572249onefa572249Posts: 2 December 2, 2010
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 December 2, 2010
Hi Famous Gurl,
Please help me out a little bit and let me know what you mean by ocean themed. it could mean:
  • Having your wedding on a cruise ship (or a day cruise ship or a ferry boat)
  • Having a destination wedding such as Hawaii, Florida, Virginia Beach, etc.
  • Chartering a small boat and having your wedding at sea or on a lake
  • Having your wedding on a beach
  • Having your wedding at a restaurant or hotel overlooking the water
  • Decorating a traditional reception room with nautical artifacts.
  • Probably 50 other concepts which I'm not thinking of right now.
  • Where are you located?
  • How many people would you like to attend the wedding?
  • Do you have an idea about budget?
Many Thanks.

Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro
Education by Entertainment
flair4wordsflair4wordsPosts: 17 December 2, 2010
I can offer you a discount on wedding invitations that incorporate the ocean theme. Remember, the invitation sets the tone for your whole wedding.
Guest December 2, 2010
The fl. keys.
onefa572249onefa572249Posts: 2 December 2, 2010
Decorating a traditional reception with nautical artifacts. It's about 150 to 200 ppl.I live in Los Angeles California. the budget is about $5,000.
Guest December 2, 2010
Your theme is best carried out in the colors and details. Think about nautical colors for your bouquets and other flower arrangements, and you can tuck other things into them that say "ocean/nautical", as well (seashells, if appropriate, or tie them with nautical rope, for example). We used a beautiful brass anchor tied with balloons as centerpieces for a reunion I organized (found them online). Your florist will also have ideas for you. Your invitation is a good place to set the tone and theme, as well. If you're having favors, that's another place you can tie in your theme, as are the placecards, and the cards that show the table numbers, etc.

Do some windowshopping at some local craft and/or party stores for inspiration.

Best wishes!
DesertLightWeddingsDesertLightWeddingsPosts: 130 December 2, 2010
onefamousgurl wrote:

LA is perfect for this (used to live in El Segundo). Where in LA do you live? Your budget is do able, but you have to plan carefully. Try to find a caterer/reception hall combination. Some will let you use the venue free if you use their catering services. You can make your invitations, your decorations, everything you need. Save coupons for the craft stores and start shopping with those. Buy shells and in fact your center pieces could be the glass containers with sand in the bottom and with sea shells. I did an event where I did that and put brightly colored fake flowers in the containers too, sprinkled sand and shells on the table and it was perfect.

As far as planning, find a check site has one you can down load and use as a guideline.

Feel free to email me outside if you get stuck and I'll try to help you on your way.

For your invitations do a google search on ocean or sea shell wedding invitations or whatever nautical theme you want. One place is (I have never used them so be sure to check them out and compare)

Hope this helps.

emaiil if stuck

Desert Light Weddings
(480) 235-0325
CaliforniaSolCreationsCaliforniaSolCreationsPosts: 17 December 3, 2010
onefamousgurl wrote:
Decorating a traditional reception with nautical artifacts. It's about 150 to 200 ppl.I live in Los Angeles California. the budget is about $5,000.

Congrats One Famous Girl!

You want to make sure create a cohesive design and carry out your nautical theme throughout your wedding day, starting with the invitations, give guest a sneak peak what to expect on your wedding day, you can continue the theme with the wedding attire or accessories, and flowers. In addition to the nautical items, why not use ocean blue table linens? or a white and blue striped napkins. I absolutely LOVE the nautical theme concept! other elements to add the nautical theme to are a signature drink, food, music, favors........ It need not to be expensive, its all about the details that create the WOW factor, that will have guest talking about your wedding for years.

I live in Riverside, California, not that far from you. I specialized in creating unique and personalized wedding day for couples who want to more than just a cookie cutter wedding and meet you at YOUR budget. I would love to chat more about your vision, at a complimentary design meeting. At the design meeting we can discuss the details to take your wedding day theme from dream to reality! I am a one stop shop and can offer rentals,exclusive decor items, table linens, napkins, floral and non floral centerpiece, lighting, creative DIY items, and a discount on invitations! It is completely complimentary! Feel free to contact me via email or call me at my direct line 909 694-8284, if you need a little help!

Ebony Coston
California Sol Creations

UniqueInviteUniqueInvitePosts: 12 December 3, 2010
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 December 3, 2010
Hi Famous Gurl,
It appears that you have received a lot of good recommendations to help you get started. I have just a few additional thoughts on decorations:
  • Why don't you visit or call some of the places where boats are restored in the LA area and ask them what artifacts they may have gathered that they would be interested in sharing for your wedding reception.
  • You may want to set up a fish bowl with live fish for your table decorations. They are interesting, beautiful, and can be inexpensive too... Just be sure you properly care for the fish and have a good home for the fish after the reception if you decide to do this.
It appears that you are off to a great start... so enjoy....


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