Seriously... I have no idea where to start :( Messages in this topic - RSS

Seriously... I have no idea where to start :( Messages in this topic - RSS

count572038count572038Posts: 7 December 2, 2010
I want to get married on May 21st 2011.. Very small ceremony, under 50 people. I want it outdoors. As simple as I can go.. i'm not a fairy tale kinda girl and I just need a place with a nice outdoor scene, I have only 1 maid of honor so very little flowers, magnolia for the hair and white roses for the bouquet. Chairs for people to sit, an archway to stand under, and a reciption for under 50 guests... And the cake. I get the rest........ Any ideas???? Please help.......
ddurenddurenPosts: 1 December 2, 2010
In what state are you getting married? Congratulations!
count572038count572038Posts: 7 December 2, 2010
Ohio.. the Dayton area
PianistPianistPosts: 2 December 2, 2010
Choosing dinner music for a wedding reception requires finding an upbeat but mellow set of songs that won't overpower the mingling and conversation of your guests during the meal; for example, find the perfect wedding dinner music with Solo Piano or small band performing: Smooth Jazz, Bossa Nova, Pop, or Tango,

The background music during your wedding reception is just as important as the decorations you have painstakingly organized to get the perfect picture. The right music will certainly give you the perfect ambiance that you have always been looking for. It serves as a relaxing lullaby for your guests while eating and talking to each other. This can also perk them up when it is time for the guests to participate in a program or when you want them to start dancing. One thing's for sure—the music can control the environment that you are aiming for.

When choosing your music, it is important that you take into consideration the theme of your wedding. It would be a great idea to hire musicians that can produce the kind of songs that you've been looking for. They should be able to change the type of music smoothly and flawlessly. It is essential that you select songs or background music that are mildly upbeat to avoid guests from nodding off or falling asleep. Pop jazz music is the ideal genre for this. Never play blaring rock music that can cause headache not only to you but also to your guests as well. It is always a good idea to use instrumental music from popular songs. Add a twist by arranging it with catchy jazz hooks. Vocals are usually not needed, and this can surely catch your guests' attention.

Good Luck,

Fran Danis
Guest December 2, 2010
First of all, congratulations for your wedding.
One thing couples dont see at the begining when planning the wedding is the photography.

When my wife and i got married, we did't consider that topic, the ballroom offered us the photography with the package so we never met the photographer and had the time to explain him what we wanted.

So we have a lot of pics from the photographer and famlily but non of the has the main intention of our wedding, there is no special image that represent our concept.

Booking with a good photographer is as important as booking with the ballroom, or the band, there are not 2 like them, so don't live it until the end because you may find your self triying to hire a photographer that has been booked 1 year in advande.. (that is something very common)

Now we are in this business, taking revenge of what happened to us (LOL), helping people to reach good pictures, with real meaning. Pictures that will be loved forever.

I you want to meet us we recomend you get into

We will be glad to help you!!!


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count572038count572038Posts: 7 December 2, 2010
Thank you but Mike's father is going to take the pictures. He is a very good amateur photographer. And we won't be needing a ballroom. Just a place to say our I do's..
Guest December 2, 2010
Great! thath means you have that topic solved!
Guest December 2, 2010
Best wishes on your upcoming wedding!

Be sure to book your officiant! Also, check out your local rental place for things like the chairs, tables, dance floor (if you're doing that) and archway. You can also find really inexpensive archways online (try eBay, etc.) or at Hobby Lobby. Your local florist might have one you can rent, too, but be prepared to pay more there.

As for music, if you don't want the expense of a DJ, alot of party stores have CD's with wedding and party music. Or if you have an iPod, you can set up your own music mix and play it on speakers that you can plug your iPod into.

If you're thinking of using some sort of unity ritual (like the unity candle), consider the Blending of Sands instead. It's tough to keep candles lit in a breeze at an outdoor wedding, and the the container with your blended sands makes a great accessory for your home after.

Sounds like your wedding will be simple and sweet and will involve family -- that's lovely!
count572038count572038Posts: 7 December 2, 2010
Thank you! Great information smile)
marci564879marci564879Posts: 4 December 2, 2010
congrats countrysara 13...looking for a place to have your wedding you might want to check local parks in your area and sometimes they have facilites on site where you could have your wedding outside and reception on the same premises so your guest won't have to go anywhere. also ck your local vfw or banquet halls or american legion. if you have a outside wedding at the park you may have to rent chairs. i have a white 8ft arch, and know of a cake & caterer & flowers im incolumbus which is not far at all, if interested let me know
marci564879marci564879Posts: 4 December 2, 2010
also you need a budget plan how much you want to spend on everything so you will have a idea of how much money you need, as you will see just for a simple wedding things start to add up
count572038count572038Posts: 7 December 2, 2010
Thank you both very much, Such good advice smile

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