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ealuk1132259ealuk1132259Posts: 1 Baton Rouge, La March 13, 2014
We recently got engaged 1/1/14 and planning our wedding for 3/7/15. We are in Baton Rouge, La and need a reception hall. We already have someone that will do the decorating and catering. Our budget between $7000-$8000 for EVERYTHING except for Honeymoon. Any suggestions will be a great help as to how to get started in the planning process...Thanks in advance!
EclecticEntertainmentDJEEclecticEntertainmentDJEPosts: 15 Seattle, WA March 27, 2014
Go with buffet style; paper plates and have the the reception in your backyard; or in a cul de sac of your neighborhood. I'm assuming the weather in Baton Rouge in Mid March is nice enough to accommodate outdoor events.

Just having the reception outside; especially in your neighborhood saves thousands of dollars in rental fees. At that point, you can have a potluck style meal (which is VERY inexpensive and makes it feel nicer, more intimate if everyone has a chance to help with the meals)....the dress can be from your own local at home seamstress...and as far as tuxedos? Just go with a nice suit...different color ties to denote Groom, Best Man, etc....

There you go! Good Luck! Feel free to let me know if you have other questions!
hannahjohannahjoPosts: 4 March 31, 2014
Before anything, have an idea about how many guests you would be inviting. Try minimizing the number of guests and find a hall which stays within your budget. My cousin had very few guests on her wedding and it made the wedding reception at Le Jardin in Toronto a peaceful and rush-free one!

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