Help with planning an end of the school year party. Messages in this topic - RSS

Help with planning an end of the school year party. Messages in this topic - RSS

chris545074chris545074Posts: 6 October 18, 2010
I'm throwing an end of the school year (after exams ) party.
It's in Memphis, Tn.
I need a good place to have it and good ways to promote it. I really dont want it shut down, but i want there to be like 600 people.

Security? refreshments? what kind of budget?

Theme. and what should be the price per person?


djabrasaxdjabrasaxPosts: 33 October 19, 2010
Sounds pretty ambitious! How many events have you promoted before? In what city are you planning your event?
Guest October 19, 2010
What city???
chris545074chris545074Posts: 6 October 19, 2010
Its in memphis, and i haven't thrown one before
SCEventhouseSCEventhousePosts: 10 October 19, 2010
Oh boy. Hopefully I can answer some of your questions. One that I can't answer is price per person. This can really vary depending on the them - formal, casual, meal plans. That is really going to be dependent on what you are comfortable paying.

Theme can be a tough one to decide. Look at the things you like. What are you into. Video games? Nature? Yellow? Country? Themes can easily be developed off of your interests and likes.

Most venues require security and most often they will provide that for you.

Are there 600 people you want to send invites too or is this an open invite for all who would like to come?

I would love to hear more of your vision for your event and possible help with promotion for you.

Budget breakdowns:
48% Food & Drink
5% Location
20% Entertainment
25% Decor
2% Promotion

SC EventHouse
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 351 October 19, 2010
Hi Cassie and Chris,

I admire Chris's ambition in wanting to host the first event Chris has ever done as a large scale event for 600 people. I also respect Cassie's providing data to Chris on typical expense breakdowns.

My biggest two concerns here both involve LIABILITY. The first is far more serious than the second. It sounds like Chris may be a high school student. The likelihood of personal injury or property damage with a 600 person event of high school (or even college students) right after exams is very high. What kind of liability protection does Chris have? Without such protection having an event like this would be foolish at best.

My second concern has to do with the liability of paying all of the vendors if not enough tickets are sold. While not as serious as the first problem it could cost Chris and Parents several thousand dollars. My final concern for now is that Chris really should be studying for exams the few weeks before exams. Organizing an event of this magnitude (especially for the first time) takes a lot of effort. I'm concerned that doing this organization while preparing for exams could severely impact Chris's exam performance.

My recommendation is don't do it. Instead, work with your school to plan an event at a better time of year and call upon the expertise of others to learn how to do a large event. Use the systems the school has in place.

Sorry this is not the answer you wanted to hear.

Ronald G. Shapiro, Ph.D.
Education By Entertainment
chris545074chris545074Posts: 6 October 19, 2010
Thank you SCEventhouse for you response:

This will be an open invite for everyone. 600 is roughly the number I want, maybe more. I want a nice place, but still stay within a reasonable budget. I have contacted a few places, but they haven't called back. I would also like my theme to be somewhat like preppy, skinnies, and polos.
I don't want to deal with people paying at the door so I am thinking about selling tickets and making a list ahead of time. If your name is not on the list saying that you have payed, then you may not get in.

My biggest worry is this getting spread around so much that too many people or there might be fighting.
chris545074chris545074Posts: 6 October 19, 2010
Thank you Dr. Ron. I understand that planning this could interfere with my studying, which is why i am trying to do most of this now. I'm not working completely alone, and i have taken in account the liabilities.

Right now I just really want to know the prices of places and I would figure out the rest afterwards.

Thank you again Dr. Ron
SCEventhouseSCEventhousePosts: 10 October 20, 2010
Love the preppy theme. I like too that it lets guest get into the theme by dressing the part. 600 is a lot for a venue to handle so you may be limited to begin with plus if this is taking place at the end of school – May/June – that’s the kick-off to wedding season. Consider doing the party on a Thursday or Friday. You may have more options with venues booking during the week plus you can get better pricing Or think creatively on your location. I’ve done events in a Harley Davidson Warehouse, the rooftop of a parking garage, and an empty storefront… So just look to see what Memphis has to offer. However, going with a nontraditional facility may cause more legwork for you. Traditional halls will have security, insurance, appropriate licensing whereas with going nontraditional you will need to provide those things.

Also if you are charging for the event you should double check to make sure you don’t need any permits. Just be careful not to go outside of your means. Life should be a celebration, just be careful not to over do it!

Another thought and to help with the promotion is to donate a portion of the proceeds to a local charity. It will help generate interest, people feel good about knowing they are contributing towards a good cause. Be sure to actually donate though what you say you are going to donate. I would select a charity that is meaningful to you and then name your party that incorporates your theme and the charity. Naming the event will help tremendously in your promotional efforts.

This is a large event. From my experience with these types of parties, being the planner = not a lot of fun. It is hard, hard work. If you want to kick back and have a good time at this event, you really need to invest in hiring a planner to take care of the nitty gritty. It will take work to operate the door, security, and keep things running smoothly. No event goes without hiccups. You need someone who knows what they are doing and how to get the job done.

Just remember to do things the right way and not the easy way. I hope this info is helpful. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

SC EventHouse
chris545074chris545074Posts: 6 October 20, 2010
Thank you so much Casie, I will take all your advice into consideration.

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