A wedding for one thousand, including the venue, food and everything else Messages in this topic - RSS

A wedding for one thousand, including the venue, food and everything else Messages in this topic - RSS

HeatherandTroy2011HeatherandTroy2011Posts: 27 October 16, 2010
How do I do it? I am so stuck. We may have 2k but we are stuck using 1k. Any ideas our wedding is October 29, 2011. Thanks
amynjasonamynjasonPosts: 5 October 16, 2010
Me, and you both are in the same boat. Dont have alot of money to spend on ours, but Ive put thought into having a potluck. My guest just include family and a few close friends. Also try looking for an outdoor place, I found an outdoor place for the site and the recep, spent $150 for all day. Look into your local hobby store for silk flowers and have bridesmaids help make your flower arangements. Just a few tips thats the things im doing and saving alot of money. My thought is why spend all that money on the flowers and not be able to keep them forever.
HeatherandTroy2011HeatherandTroy2011Posts: 27 October 16, 2010
Thanks, where I am free or cheap reception sites come scarce and we are trying not to hve an at home wedding cause 100 guests wont fit, I know I can do 100 guests on 1k but I need help a lil lol
Guest October 16, 2010
Do you or your family members belong to churches, civic clubs, or fraternal organizations? Sometimes they offer a discount on the venue for members. You could also save money by having a cake and punch, or champagne reception. You could also have your bridesmaids carry a single flower with some greenery around it. I could offer you 30% off budget invitations from Carlson Craft. If you have any questions, please contact Karen at karen@flair4words.com
HeatherandTroy2011HeatherandTroy2011Posts: 27 October 17, 2010
That would be awesome thanks
Guest October 17, 2010
Check out my link to my blog that has lots of helpful tips for those planning a wedding on a budget. I hope you find some of this useful, Good luck!
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 October 17, 2010
For $1,000, you don't have a lot of options, but it is possible.

What I would do is a "breakfast" wedding. Have your ceremony and then do a buffet breakfast including eggs, sausage, french toast, mini danishes, a variety of coffees and teas as well as a "mimosa" champagne toast. Get a sheet cake from your local baker or Costco and if you have an ipod, set it up with all the music you want to play. You should try to get a guitar player (perhaps from a local music school) to sing a love ballad for your first dance (I'm sure they would do it for about $50) and just play music from the ipod. A three-hour event would be good and you should have it in a local restaurant that has a private room. For $1,000, I'm sure that would be okay. You could also try a smaller hotel and if you have the event before lunch time, you should save a lot of $. You should plan on having guests fewer than 70 for this to be afforadable. For invites, thank you's and favors, go to: annsweddingbargains.com or orientaltrading.com and do searches. For about $75 or so, you should be able to get these items.

Good luck!


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