Planning a very small wedding but divorced parents dont get along Messages in this topic - RSS

Planning a very small wedding but divorced parents dont get along Messages in this topic - RSS

Guest October 10, 2010
This will be my second wedding and we wanted a small ceremony and were hoping for a B & B or a cabin we could rent for the weekend to spend time together with family. Only problem is that my divorced mother cant stand to be in the same room with my father much less have to spend time with him in such tight quarters. After going through my own divorce, I understand her feelings but how do I get everyone together. I really want some of my family to be a part of our wedding marriage since my first marriage was done at a wedding chapel in las vegas and I always regretted having family there. I have an estimated count of about 30 total for our ceremony. Any one in the same situation or have any suggestions.
Guest October 10, 2010
Sit you parents down and ask them to get along just one weekend of your life. If that works. Ask your Dad to stay at a near by hotel and coming to the ceremony to limit the time you have both parents together. You can sit your Mom on the first row and your Dad with someone betweeen them or put Dad on the second row which is fine with modern manners. Hire a wedding planner to help you manage people, timing and help you de-stress. It is your day, you can not enjoy your day if you are streseed about people getting along.
Marsha Pruitt
The Event Host
flair4wordsflair4wordsPosts: 17 October 10, 2010
Speak to both of your parents, and be honest about what their attendance means to you. I think they will make an effort to be civil for your sake. If you need invitations I can offer you a 30% discount. Good luck, and congratulations.
BrevardMinisterBrevardMinisterPosts: 157 October 11, 2010
Tell you parents exactly what you've said here. Let them know you sympathize and respect their situation, but they need to set it aside for the duration of the festivities. You might consider a state park that has a series of family cabins. My family did that once for a Thanksgiving family reunion and it worked out quite well. Each cabin housed anywhere from 8-12 people so we were able to keep those who weren't enamored of one another separate for most of the time and they were civil at the main gatherings. Just talk to them. You might be surprised what they are willing to do for their daughter's sake.

Good luck!
Rev. Ann Fuller
Melbourne, FL

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