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NESS1536259NESS1536259Posts: 2 October 6, 2010
Im planning a VA wedding on 3/20/11 for a resonable price and I want to provide my own food and beverages. Unfortunately I've been unsuccessful finding a location that doesnt require you to do catering with them. Please help with any ideas or suggestions.
esanaheimesanaheimPosts: 1 October 6, 2010
I found the community centers and your local parks have facilities, here they are by the hour, and you can bring all your own catering. Some are very beautiful, an outdoor area for ceremony, and the indoor for the reception.
Guest October 6, 2010
Is the "VA" mentioned above State of Virginia as suburb of Washington DC, if so reply to and I will assist is many ways.
Rental Agent
Kena Shrine Center
Guest October 6, 2010
Sure - community centres, legions, church halls, someone's back yard - ?
NESS1536259NESS1536259Posts: 2 October 6, 2010
thanks for all the suggestions....and guest im in the virgina beach area
Guest October 7, 2010
Dear Friend:

For inexpensive venues, I would do a search in your area for the following:

Grange halls
Knights of Columbus

They may only ask for a donation and usually have a kitchen, air conditioning, tables and chairs, and a coat room.

Check your local phone book or stop by a neighborhood real estate office who should have a map of your area and all public access locations.

Also keep in mind that many catering venues offer up to 1/2 off for an evening weekday party (like wednesday or thursday) or a sunday afternoon event. You get the same treatment, but since the economy is bad and the venues want the business, they offer it at much cheaper prices. My friend got a $15,000 for $7,500 just for having it on a Sunday afternoon, off season. March is a good month to get a great deal. You can also see if you can get a "last minute" deal by telling a venue that your wedding venue failed to deliver and can they do a "last minute" deal for you. I would get in touch with a few in your area in late January.

I'm in NYC, which is by far the most expensive place, and was able to find venues with full buffets, non-alcoholic drinks for as low as $25 per person (and beautiful rooms to boot).

Good luck to all!

bagge514720bagge514720Posts: 21 October 11, 2010
check out some museums I am actually am having mine in a classic car museum. and they gave me prices for catering and without. and they supply everything else.(tables chairs silverware staff security)

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