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Best Wedding Registry

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sallywallysallywallyPosts: 3 March 23, 2010
Where should we register? Most of my friends have used Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, and Macy's. There are probably others that I'm missing. All of those stores are easy enough to get to for the people around here. Is it okay to register at a couple different stores?

What other stores should I be considering? Is it even worth considering Amazon or is it too weird to register at an online store?
cryst391973cryst391973Posts: 1 March 23, 2010
Works great for out of town guests and in our case an out of town wedding party!
amber392881amber392881Posts: 1 March 24, 2010
You can register at as many places as you want. Kinda like a baby shower. Im registering at Bed Bath And Beyond, Me and My fiance are about to get a new apartment which means new furniture so why not use my wedding shower to decorate. =)
sallywallysallywallyPosts: 3 March 30, 2010
Thanks for the help. What other stores have wedding registry?
RobinWilsonRobinWilsonPosts: 3 March 8, 2013
Hey I know it's too late to share this information here but I thought it can be helpful for others who are now searching a gift registry. I have experienced the services of Our wishing well. This is an online gift registry and they have a very nice collection for each occasion. Every time we used to get a different option for the gift. I think if anyone is searching for it then he/she can check their services once.
aprilpeteraprilpeterPosts: 6 April 2, 2013
Hi there I have also registered Our wishing well for my wedding which in on 15-Oct-2013. I agree that their services are nice and the services are also affordable.

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