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Would you hire a wedding planner? Messages in this topic - RSS

exquisiteoccasionsexquisiteoccasionsPosts: 3 March 22, 2010
With all the stress that is going on with every day life, do you think it is necessary to hire a wedding planner for the day of?
Would you hire a planner?
mstapletonmstapletonPosts: 2 March 22, 2010
I think it's totally up to you and what kind of budget you have and what kinds of other demands you have on your time and money. If you can afford one, it's a great idea.

Where is your wedding? Do you live in that area or are you planning long distance?

Is your wedding at a reception hall or resort that will be providing a day of coordinator to assist you that day?
LoraDLoraDPosts: 16 March 23, 2010
If you have the cash, why not!!!!
But still, I'd want to work with him or her together... like go over every detail (probably a pain in the neck for the planner... )cause it's my wedding... dont want to just be an attendee at my own wedding!
ButterflyBridesButterflyBridesPosts: 2 March 25, 2010
I am a wedding planner and some of us are not that expensive as some might think. It all depends on you, your budget and your specific needs. In my area I offer a Complimentary consultation (free). This allows me as a planner to talk with the couple, find out more about the wedding details and see how I can fit into their budget. This meeting also lets you the couple feel out my personality and if you'd think I would be the right person to help you. Check and see if anyone in your area offers the free consultation (it will put you at ease or drive you nuts depending on the planner)and decide from there.
weddi139054weddi139054Posts: 9 March 25, 2010
I would highly recommend a wedding planner even with today's technology and access to a lot of wedding related info. This is the day you want to enjoy the event. A lot of brides watch the wedding shows and it looks so easy but they do not always show the worst of the tapings unless you are watching bridezillas. I handle wedding day and planning and I have saved couples $$$ because of my knowledge, and personal relationships with other vendors. A wedding planner can also serve as a mediator in the blended family situations which are so common today. Lastly, you want someone in control other then yourself. Can anyone say Bride or Groom zilla!!
DesertLightWeddingsDesertLightWeddingsPosts: 130 April 2, 2010
Being a planner, of course my 1st answer is yes you should, however I have actually talked customers out of full planning. It all depends. If you have time and are a person who likes to plan then perhaps you can do it on your own. If on the other hand you are very busy or just do not care to do the details, then hiring a planner is the way to go. Many planners I know, including me, offer various levels of service and add on items so you can customize the service/assistance you want. Very, very important is your wedding day. You do not want to manage that. If you don't care to or can't hire a professional, then get a family member or friend who you trust yet not closely involved in your wedding to manage it all for you. So my answer is it all depends.
Guest April 5, 2010
I think when you look at the situation as a Wedding Planner can help with budget and negotiate with other vendors then it's not an extra expense at all but often times can save you money.
Guest April 5, 2010
I would absolutely hire a wedding planner!! My wedding planner who worked for C&N Events saved me and my husband 3,000 dollar!Not only that saved me alot of time,stress and arguing. You should find one in your area.
riverstreetriverboatriverstreetriverboatPosts: 3 April 19, 2010
I tell brides if they do nothing other than hire a wedding planner for the day of the planner is worth every penny that she/he charges. I do not think brides, bridesmaids, mom, aunt, grandma and so on even have a clue how much it takes to make the wedding happen the day of the wedding - all those who were going to help, too many people going in their own directions becomes way to much to handle. Relax, have fun and allow your guests to have fun as well and hire a wedding planner!
HighCultureHighCulturePosts: 11 April 19, 2010
I am a Wedding & Special Events Coordinator myself (Edmonton,AB) and I highly recommend hiring a coordinator for multiple reasons. A planner can actually save you money! The average wedding takes approximately 250 hours to plan which is a lot of time that a lot of people don't necessarily have. Also, a Wedding Coordinator does this as a career so it should be safe to say that she or he already knows the best vendors to work with as well as how to turn your vision into your reality! I personally pride myself in saving clients time, money, and unnecessary stress. For anyone planning a wedding or special event in Edmonton (AB), its surrounding area, or elsewhere (all destinations welcome!), I would love to hear from you. Please contact me for further details - http://web.mac.com/high.culture/ Sincerely, Rebecca High Culture: Weddings & Special Events Inc.
Celia267624Celia267624Posts: 23 April 23, 2010
In a heartbeat. Weddings these days are not the events they used to be. There can often be as many as 40 vendors,(if you start counting cakes, dresses, music, photos, officiants, etc). You simply cannot manage all of them and enjoy your day too. A good planner is worth their weight in Jordan Almonds.....they will save you money, time, and stress.
info180485info180485Posts: 14 April 23, 2010
As an Event Planner, my company's ultimate goal is to providing more than expected service to the couple. We save them money by negotiating with vendors in the industry, taking the stress away of keeping things organized and doing the things that not everyone can be an expert at.
Our fees are usually much less than the amount of money saved in time and contracts!
You can only go wrong with a planner if you did not do your homework before hiring that particular planner. Do not ignore your instincts and make the decision for yourself, not what someone else recommends.
NeotericExpressionsNeotericExpressionsPosts: 41 April 23, 2010
When I got married, my husband and I tried to do it all, plus we were working full time and were trying to enjoy our time outside of work too. Needless to say, it became overwhelming. When we hired our wedding planner, she was like the right hand to our left hand, and was very open to our ideas and communicative. By the time the swing of the final details were coming to a head, she already knew our personalities and what we were aiming for, and she was a priceless help in trying to get things taken care of when we were otherwise not available.

For that reason, I would say Yes to a wedding planner. Hold your interviews the same way you would for any cherished event, and above all else make sure you're comfortable with who you choose.
Guest April 24, 2010
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HighCultureHighCulturePosts: 11 April 24, 2010
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bubbl421213bubbl421213Posts: 1 April 27, 2010
i definitly would. I need all the help i can get to plan my wedding and I think it would be great. Every person is different though.
VTEnchantedEvents1VTEnchantedEvents1Posts: 1 April 27, 2010
I am a wedding planner myself and when I got married I hired another planner to help with the day of set up. This is a time where a bride & groom needs to sit back and enjoy every moment. I do free consultations as I want the potential clients to get to know me first and vice versa. That way they know that there is no obligations just a friendly chat of what is what. I think the most important thing for all vendors is that its the right connection between you and the couple. http://www.vtenchantedvents.com
lifei422986lifei422986Posts: 1 April 28, 2010
I didn't hire one, and I was going full time to school and working part time. I was very busy, but I pulled it off. I had a very very beautiful wedding that had a pretty low budget, and I think it makes your wedding more creative, especially when you do things yourself. On the day of my wedding, everybody in the wedding party helped out, and the pastor helped organize stuff at the church, and my contact at the reception hall organized everything there. I don't think you need one.
CapicuLove1CapicuLove1Posts: 254 May 4, 2010
if you have lots of time, just have one for the day. if you are busy, then the $1500-3000 cost is well worth it. they keep you on budget and see your vision to its fruition. with all the planning and life, you wind up so exhausted that you don't enjoy your day. see if you know of any previous brides who can recommend someone. also you can do a search for wedding planners in your city. ask the right questions;
1) how many years experience
2) what's the biggest budget they have done?
3) do they have access to all the vendors you will need?
4) see their work (they usually have a portfolio) - is their style concurring with yours; your taste? are they friendly, easy to get along with? do you click with them?
you will find that indeed it does pay off and they will work with your vendors and you don't have to hardly lift a finger, but will arrive to your wedding fresh, rested and beautiful.
yourstylewedding2010yourstylewedding2010Posts: 2 June 11, 2010
I would recomended, with todays hectic life is best you do. So the only thing you have to worry is arriving to you wedding and being stress free. Having a planner plan everything for you, just the way you want it to achive your Dream wedding. Wedding planner www.yourstyleweddingplanner.com
perfe454181perfe454181Posts: 2 June 11, 2010
Being a wedding/event planner of course my recommendation would be yes. Business aside though, it is a good idea to at least consider it and shop around. A planner could help you get some great deals with vendors and help you save money and redistribute funds in other areas. Also, let's face it...life is much more hectic these days and the more help you have to alleviate stress, the better. A planner is there for you...tell them what you need and they should translate your vision into a reality.

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