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bagge514720bagge514720Posts: 21 September 7, 2010
I am in a situation that my Fiance is Wiccan and I was baptised Luthern but do not practice it. But i want to find a way to incorporate both religions. But I dont know who to talk to about it? I am also looking for a nice place to have the wedding neither my fiance and I want to be married in a church.
Celia267624Celia267624Posts: 23 September 7, 2010
There are many, many officiants (including me) who would be happy to create a blended ceremony for you, maybe including a handfasting or a turning to the four directions; you could add scriptural readings, or a unity candle. There are many, many ways to do that, and many places to do so besides a church.

Celebrant Foundation, in Montclair NJ, is a good place to start; they list officiants all over the country. If you're in NJ looking for an officiant, give me a call.

Best of luck!
carla222494carla222494Posts: 1 September 7, 2010
Tiffany there are so many beautiful options out there where your wedding would not need to be held in a church. I am not sure where you are located but there are various halls where you can hold a wedding, also parks, gardens, hotels, the beach or a place that is special to you both. When it comes to your ceremony, hiring an officiant would be a great way to go. They know just how to customize a ceremony that is unique to you and your fiance.
wthurowwthurowPosts: 34 September 8, 2010
Search for non-demoninational officiants. There are many possibilities for your ceremony and an officiant near you can assist in personalizing your ceremony to your needs. If you are getting married in FL, I'd be happy to help. Google search (with quotes) "our simple ceremony" for details.

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