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Guest April 7, 2010
asking the views on a artist and modern works of contempary and mixmedia
bloomerbloomerPosts: 11 April 7, 2010
In what context? Wedding or event related?
Guest April 30, 2010
Art can set the mood, can act as a conversation starter, and makes decorating so much easier. Whether it be a wedding or any other event, the inclusion of art brings a space to life. So often halls or other spaces are rented for an event, where walls are sparse, as if that somehow lends appeal to a greater client base. But art can personalize a space and public art certainly proves that even a specific work can have a wide appeal. Art in any context is always a winner.
tunaoddfellowtunaoddfellowPosts: 2 May 2, 2010
Yes, our group does live performance art for events, and we've done shows at a number of galleries. It's great to have static pictorial, sculptural, kinetic, and animated art going in separate areas, but often they should be separated so that the eye can rest on the static art, and take in sculptural art, but the kinetic and animated art can be distracting if next to more contempative pieces.

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