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3degr11486503degr1148650Posts: 1

3 hours ago
Atlanta Bride on A Budget!!! HELP
Hi there.
I'm a photographer too -- check out my website at I also, specialize in custom stationery and wedding planning. Check out the site -- we have a contact us page if you would like to contact us for further information including pricing.
Thanks. Myles.

I am a BTB and I am seeking ideas on having a great wedding while staying on budget. We are hosting out of town guests as well. We are thinking anywhere between 85-120 guests. I am going to say a budget of $10,000 MAX. We are chipping in on the bill with my parents and although I want a dream wedding I can not put financial stress on either party. I am an "Event Planner" at heartBrick Wall but I am having a clear "Planners Block". We have set a date for September 2015. I know what I want but I am sick of ridiculous costs. Any suggestions of spaces, lofts, or venues that can accomodate us without killing our pockets??

hollis center, hollis gardens, on mirror lake

2 days ago
Local entertainment
Looking for a locial person to sing and play music at a birthday party.
Hi Sharon,

If you are still looking for a venue please consider us, The Waterside Inn.
The wedding usually is special to the bride because they get the dress, flowers, and a new ring and all of their fnends and family is there. The biggestthing not to forget is its his big day too. I get so mad at commercials advertising to just brides because the wedding is about the couple joining and making a family. When its all said and done and your dress is tucked away, he's still there. The best advice I got was from my mom. "From the beginning. Work as one, do everything stressful together. Always make sure he feels like he's worthy to be beside you and your worthy of his time".
thomp1146927thomp1146927Posts: 1

3 days ago
14th birthday venue ideas
need to plan a party for my daughter, she'll be turning 14. the party will be 4/26/14. I would like to have it at a park or something, so there would be little or no cost. she would like to rent a pool at a hotel for about 25-30 kids and would like to have music.. not a dj, just music off of her iHome. but, I really don't know any places. we're located in macon,ga and I need to know of some places to call by this weekend. HELP PLEASE!
Family and laughter. and a photo booth
BlackTiePhotoBoothBlackTiePhotoBoothPosts: 3

4 days ago
Class Reunion
Oh I know, Clinton is tough for a venue. Have you tried the party barn in Jackson across from the Country Club. it's great, had a party there. kitchen, two floors, great space.
Hi, we are a family owned professional photo booth rental in Jackson, MS. Will travel to your event. No event too small or too large.

Largest supply of props, Booth size is adjustable to fit most any venue. Package prices include set up, removal, attendant, props, specialty props with notice. Professional quality photo strips. We will print the event on the photo strip also. IE: Mike and Molly's wedding. Class of 1994 reunion. etc.
Call us or email with any questions.
Hands down it was my wife wanting us to spend extra money on a REALLY PROFESSIONAL Wedding Photographer. I mean this guy had years and years of experience and a resume with a references list longer than my arm. Since I hadn't seen her wedding gown, I couldn't understand why she was so-ooo keen on getting such a High Dollar photographer. Stop. Let me tell you. I'd known my gal for more than ten years before the wedding, so not much about her I didn't already know. Little did I know.
When the "Wedding March" started, and I turned around to look up at her coming down the aisle, with her in that gown, it simply sucked all the air out of me. I was gobsmacked. I forgot everything -- blanked out, almost. The whirl of everything after that was all just a blur.
I missed my own wedding, and I WAS there. The wedding photos were the only record my mind could refer to. And they were as stunning as her in that wedding dress.

My advice, paying it forward, is this: Go ahead and spend the extra bucks for a really professional, highly experienced, wedding photographer. Oh, and always, always, LISTEN to your wife.

5 days ago
Wedding on a BUDGET too
if you managed to make it 6 yrs long distance. think about the most important things that matter , dont go over budget, you dont want to go into a new life together with undue debt.think about who you really want to be there, and if you want simple or elegant extravegant, enlist help from others,you be surprized how many people that will help with music,invites,food,etc
good luck.....
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 296

7 days ago
retirement party
Good luck planning this event!

The Noah's in Katy is a fantastic event venue that could meet your needs.

Contact them to see what they can offer and how much they would charge.

7 days ago
retirement party
I am trying to locate a place in Cypress, Katy Texas or Northwest Houston for my husband's retirement party. For about 250 guest. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.......

8 days ago
Wedding Anniversary
Where is a good place to have a 30th wedding anniversary party for about 75 people. I'd like to have dancing! We live in Littleton, CO so I'd like to have it in this area.
Hello my name is Malesa and I plan on getting married in August of this year in Fort Wayne,IN. Im on a tight budget I have only $5000.00 to spend on the whole wedding. I have no clue what im doing. I want to get married and have my reception in the same place, also be able to have adult drinks as well, so a city park is out. If you can help me that would be awesome! smile

10 days ago
Anniversary Party
Need a Venue for Adult Birthday Party/Anniversary Party-September 13th. 50-60 guests.
Hi all,

I am getting married next August or September and I am looking for a great place where I can host, bring my own food and beverage and still accomodate about 180-210 guests. Realistically, I have checked out all inclusive venues and most packages only cover 100 guests. My father is paying and he stated his budget is 13,000. I have looked into a beautiful park called Historic Fourth Ward and then there is the debate of people driving from one venue to another. Then calling around only to find out that my date of 09/05/15 is the same weekend of DragonCon, Pride, and many other events so most hotels are booked. I found another place in Jonesboro that I absolutely love, but I know they will tell me their packages cover 100 as well. What is a girl to do. As much as I taper off the list it seems to keep growing. If anyone has any thoughts on venues please pass them along. It would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Guest from Arkansas:

A few thoughts:
  • Why not have a combined graduation/40th birthday party the evening of the 13th.
  • I think that your idea of having "heavy hors d'oeuvres" is an excellent one. That way the guests will spend time interacting with many other guests, rather than with just the few people sitting near them at a dining table.
  • While I'm not sure of the customs in your community or amongst your family and friends, I would be surprised if someone were to invite me to their birthday celebration and ask me to pay my own way. (On the other hand, I would expect to pay my way plus a portion of the honoree's bill if a group of friends decided to take someone to dinner on their birthday. If I were organizing a birthday celebration for a friend I would either contact other friends and say "lets take the honoree out for their birthday and would discuss costs up front -- in which case I would expect the bill to be divided -- or separate checks amongst the organizers, with the honoree's bill being split up amongst the organizers or i would say Im' hosting a birthday party for ... in which case I would pay the entire bill (except for possible cash bar).) If you look around on the internet you'll find other people have different opinions here.
  • If you do opt for dinner at a restaurant and need to conserve money, I would suggest asking restaurants what discount they could offer you if you had your event on their least busy evenings (Monday or Tuesday, likely) rather than their busiest evenings (Friday, Saturday or Sunday).
  • If you do opt for dinner and ask guests to pay, please be sure to make this very clear in your invitations.
  • I would need to know more about what you and your friends are like and like to do before considering suggesting activities (if any) for your celebration.
Hope this helps.

Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro
Education By Entertainment

11 days ago
Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas
I am looking for ideas to celebrate my daughter's Sweet Sixteenth birthday celebration. She is still not sure if she wants a night on the town party with a few close friends or a birthday party with a larger crowd at a venue. Does anyone know of any unique venues? For 25-40 girls? Unique places to go for a smaller group??
I am in the process of planning my 40th birthday party and I have several questions. My 40th birthday is in December. I was trying to have my party December 13th but I discovered that I'm graduating from college with another degree that day. So my first question is do you think December 20th is too close to Christmas to have a birthday party? My next question is if I decide to have this party at a restaurant is it acceptable to ask quests to pay for there food? I'm a single woman who has never been married or had children so I need to know about costs and how to get the best party for my small budget. The party will likely be in the evening around 6:00 or 6:30p.m. And my thought is that dinner should be served, but would heavy hors d'oeuvres be appropriate?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 335

13 days ago
70th surprise brithday party
Hi Guest,

I've noticed that you have posted a request under corporate events titled 70th Surprise Birthday Party saying "how would you accommodate?" I'm sure what you are trying to accomplish, though. Since you posted under corporate events are you asking for ideas to help you figure out how to have a surprise party at someone's work location? If so, please let us know a bit more about what the person does for work and where you are located. If not, please be a bit more specific about what you are looking for (and where). In any case, please let us know what the honoree likes and dislikes (and whether they like surprises).

Many thanks.

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
Education By Entertainment

14 days ago
Bob Carey
Booked Bob Carey after finding him through eventective. I was a bit nervous booking him "sight unseen" for an event in Tallahassee, since I was in Miami. I was pleased beyond expectations with Bob's professionalism on a business level and his ability to engage a diverse crowd, with everything from soft jazz to vocal standards to island to rock to sing-a-longs.
A good time was had by all, thanks to Bob Carey and eventective.

Jason Neal
Miami Florida
April 2014
Weddings are stressful!!! But Professional Wedding Planners think of everything. Get a Professional Wedding Planner who will make things happen exactly how you want them to happen, a Professional Wedding Planner who save you money, and make your wedding as stress-free, beautiful, and memorable as possible. There's no reason for your focus to be on anything other than "Your Special Moment" so let your Planner take care of everything for you.

Steve Ary
DrRonShapiroDrRonShapiroPosts: 335

15 days ago
Having Fun at a Business Meeting

I led a brief Education By Entertainment preview program at a meeting for approximately 70 adult leaders from a number of Rhode Island (and nearby Massachusetts) Scout Troops. The meeting was held in a large meeting room at the new headquarters for the Girl Scouts of Rhode Island (GSRI) on March 31, 2014.

The evening began with a buffet dinner consisting of a very nice variety of sandwiches and wraps, salad, and pasta salad with terrific cupcakes for desert. As dinner concluded the meeting began with an explanation of the agenda and a 15 minute version of my program. After my program, the Chief Executive Officer of the GSRI addressed the group, followed by discussions of programs available for girl scouts and potential leaders including: summer camps, recruitment for future adult volunteers, opportunities to obtain financial support for participating in scouting events, opportunities to contribute to enable future scout activities and recognition opportunities. Another team of two speakers closed the program with a discussion about leadership. There certainly are numerous fantastic opportunities available to girls in Rhode Island!!!

During my 15 minute Education by Entertainment program preview I explained a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career which is optimal for individuals interested in both people and technology called Human Factors/Ergonomics. I illustrated my presentation with numerous activities which demonstrate human strengths and limitations in multitasking, recalling information from memory, and responding. The activities may also help participants to be safer, more productive and better communicators at work, school and home.

The Education By Entertainment activities included:
  • Multitasking A: Stand on one foot, eyes closed, and recite Humpty Dumpty.
  • Multitasking B: While seated move your right foot in a clockwise direction and draw a large "6" in the air.
  • Memory Recall: Spell "spot" five times. Tell me what you do at a green light.
  • Memory Recall: The Eyewitness -- Describe your bandana while blindfolded. See photo album.
  • Response Time: Try to catch a dollar dropped between your second and third fingers.

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
Education By Entertainment

Are you planning a program for your business, professional organization, school, college, university, family reunion, birthday or other special occasion?

If so, consider including an Education By Entertainment program at your event.

Participants will learn more about how they process information. As a result, they may be safer and more efficient at work, school and home.

The program includes numerous games and activities. In addition to being applicable, educational, entertaining and useful, it is a ton of fun!!!


Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD
Education By Entertainment

edited by DrRonShapiro on 4/3/2014
A birthday party is not a birthday party without the guest of honor (the birthday person). Then comes:

*food & drinks
*gifts, and

15 days ago
Who made my wedding dress?
I don't know

17 days ago
70th surprise brithday party
how would you accommodate ?

The Steam Plant has a great indoor room for smaller weddings called the Commons. We can easily accommodate your group of 50, however 75 may be a bit challenging. If you haven't found the perfect location yet, give me a call at #509-462-0285 or check out our website at

Good lock and Congratulations!
Dana - Event Coordinator @ Steam Plant
friends family games party bags snacks cake entertainment movie balloons.......................
hannahjohannahjoPosts: 4

18 days ago
Budgeted Wedding
Before anything, have an idea about how many guests you would be inviting. Try minimizing the number of guests and find a hall which stays within your budget. My cousin had very few guests on her wedding and it made the wedding reception at Le Jardin in Toronto a peaceful and rush-free one!
Good Fun
A Cake
Getting married in 2 weeks and haven't found the hall yet, looking all over for a better deal. Tight budget, somewhere nearby where at least 200 can squeeze in.
EclecticEntertainmentDJEEclecticEntertainmentDJEPosts: 13

22 days ago
Budgeted Wedding
Go with buffet style; paper plates and have the the reception in your backyard; or in a cul de sac of your neighborhood. I'm assuming the weather in Baton Rouge in Mid March is nice enough to accommodate outdoor events.

Just having the reception outside; especially in your neighborhood saves thousands of dollars in rental fees. At that point, you can have a potluck style meal (which is VERY inexpensive and makes it feel nicer, more intimate if everyone has a chance to help with the meals)....the dress can be from your own local at home seamstress...and as far as tuxedos? Just go with a nice suit...different color ties to denote Groom, Best Man, etc....

There you go! Good Luck! Feel free to let me know if you have other questions!
eventectiveeventectiveAdministratorPosts: 296

22 days ago
Need Venue For High School Grad Party 5/31/14
Here are a couple of links that might be useful:

Venues Near UTA (click on map icons to see nearby venues)

J. Gilligan's Bar and Grill (very close by)

Humperdinks Restaurant

Good luck!
HS Grad Party for my son. Graduating from a HS in Keller, but ceremony is held at UTA this year instead of Ft. Worth Convention Center. Late morning graduation so we are planning a party that is late afternoon/early evening. Looking for something close to the ceremony for party/reception afterwards to make it convenient for out of town/state family & friends. There will be approximately 50 people there. Due to the graduation festivities & other engagements people will have that day it's going to be a reception/party that people will arrive at and leave from at different times. The graduating students make the rounds to each other's parties so we just need the venue for 3 to 4 hours. It could be less than 50 or a little more but not everyone will be there at the same time or spend the same amount of time there. The budget we are working with is $500 to $1000 max to cover venue, decorations, food, chairs, tables, linen, set up, decorations, clean up etc. The menu needs to be self serve heavy appetizers and various beverages. We want a venue where we can bring in a custom cake. Due to having family &friends from out of state coming it would be nice if the venue/room had a patio off of it for smokers &possibly a pool and/or playground for the kids, but air conditioned indoors for those who can't handle the heat. If the venue was next to a hotel or was a hotel that would be nice for out of town guests and possibly our family wanting to stay closer to UTA to make it less stressful with traffic and construction and ensure we get to the ceremony and party on time. Any ideas? Please let me know. Thanks!
How fun! I would love to help you plan such a special event. We can help you with budgeting, and coordinating for the party. If I have an idea of your budget, I would be happy to talk to you about some ideas and themes! Feel free to email/call me with questions!

(718) 715-3151
Have you tried the Woman's Club of Coconut Grove? Its beautiful! Check out their page
In my opinion all of them, birthday should be celebrated with everyone.

24 days ago
Event Venue Needed in Charlotte, NC ASAP
hi, i'm just a charlotte native--not a business or anything......thought i'd share this with you...
there is a REALLY BEAUTIFUL place at I85 & WT Harris Blvd...and they rent it for FREE
if you let them $6 a person or something.
Or i'm sure they would be glad to charge you a fee if you didn't want a box lunch for 200 people.

I used them once a long time ago and have attended several Charlotte Chamber of Commerce meetings there
...the place is HUGE, CLEAN, lots of free parking, has a lake with the HIlton on it for out of towners.
It's a good landmark...‎

Address: 604 Doug Mayes Pl, Charlotte, NC 28262
Phone:(704) 549-9600

good luck on your event...sounds like fun
Lisa Hoover
fourj1136853fourj1136853Posts: 1

25 days ago
Wedding Centerpieces
A Beautiful flower for a best wedding rental is a must-have.

26 days ago
We are wanting a simple Justice of the piece ceremony, no frills, pretty much "I do" ceremony. We don't want to just sign a piece of paper as I understand is all that is necessary to get married. Can anyone help me with info on who could help us with this. It will be just the two of us.

Thank you,
AKA31590AKA31590Posts: 1

27 days ago
Birthday Party Venue
Looking for a venue in the Marietta [square] area for an 18th birthday party for 80 people. I need suggestions ASAP.
Nice thread smile
looking for outside area for about 30 people, would like a covered area or area that would allow a large tent. Have a 3 piece band
any ideas of locations near Lakeville area. She would love to be on the water or a beach
kcera1134047kcera1134047Posts: 1

March 18, 2014
Need to find a Venue
My fiance and I are looking to get married this October. I've been trying to find a venue that's all inclusive. We are on a $5,000 budget with a little wiggle room. It's in the San Antonio, TX area. I would really like to stay away from the city and closer to the Hill Country area. If ANYONE has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!