We are proud to announce that we have so far hosted a Domino Tournament in October of 2010 and April of 2011, both of which were a rousing success. We will now be having another tournament in September of 2011 and with your participation we are hoping to have bigger prizes with more positions winning prize money. Now head over to the Registration Page and sign up. Then go to the Rules and Regulations page read and print......now finally go to the Guestbook page and sign the guestbook as we will then be able to contact you with the exact details (i.e. prize money, location and such), also make note of our contact information on the contact page in case of any additional questions or problems arising.  Please bookmark and check this web site often as we will be posting the details for the September 2011 tournament within the next couple of months.  C'mon all you Domino players come on out play some dominoes, have fun, meet new friends and win some prize money, let's make Toronto the best place for incredible Domino tournaments, with the biggest prize payouts and the most competitive, fun Domino tournaments. Thank you See you in September.

Please see below for the results of the 2010 October and 2011 April tournament.


1st prize: Johnny Tang Toronto ON, $40,000

2nd prize: Jerry Stein Mississauga ON, $35,000

3rd prize: Ashley Borne New York, NY, $30,000

4th prize: Blair Wilson Pickering ON $25,000

5th prize: Bobby Jones Toronto ON $2,000

6th prize: Dean Lewis Scarborough ON $2,000

7th prize: Shirley Kline Toronto ON $2,000

8th prize: Terry Knight Phoenix AZ $2,000

For a total of $138,000 in prize money paid out. As you can see the champs from our October tournament couldn't defend but it wasn't for lack of trying. Much Love and Respect to everyone that showed up to play. So all you Dominoes players let's represent and have everyone show up to our September 2011 Domino tournament, as usual once you sign up we will have your e mail address, this will be your conformation and will also be used to contact you in case of any changes. So come on out play some dominoes, have fun, meet new friends and win some prize money. See you there. Below are the results for the October 2010 Tournament


1st prize: Kevin Nash out of Phoenix AZ, $40,000

2nd prize: Tamika Mercer out of Detroit MI, $35,000

3rd prize: Andrea Wilson out of Niagara Falls ON, $30,000

4th prize: Cheryl Anderson out of Markham ON, $25,000










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