DominoesCutthroat Tournament


In this tournament four persons can play. Sitting around a square table each person plays for himself while trying to pass the opponent.



The game uses a double six domino set.

The Shuffle

The first shuffle to commence the game will be determined by each player at the table drawing (1) one tile. The highest tile will then shuffle the dominoes

The Deal

Each player draws 6 tiles from the boneyard.

The Play

The first hand begins with the player who has in their hand the double six tile, this player must begin by playing the [6-6].

Play continues clockwise. As usual, a turn consists of playing one tile to extend one of the two ends of the layout, and the touching ends of adjacent dominoes must match. If a player cannot play then he passes his turn.

The hand ends when an individual first finishes playing all tiles from his hand, or when the game becomes blocked, so that no one is able to play a tile.

  • If a player manages to play all his tiles, that player wins the hand and is awarded 20 points
  • If the game is blocked, the hand is won by the player whose remaining tiles have the least spots.
  • If the game is blocked and two opponents tie for least spots, then the hand is a tie, with both players being awarded 20 points for the win.


At the end of the hand, the winning player scores 20 points.

The aim is to score 200 points in 45 minutes. The players at the end of 45 minutes scoring the most points will advance to the next round.

The (2) two highest scores from each of the first five rounds of play will have a bye (exempt from play) until Monday morning's round. In the event of a tie with more than two players getting the highest scores, those players will play a (15) fifteen minute playoff to determine which two players get the bye. You may win by using all your dominoes first or by blocking the game.




If there are more than (4) four players in a tie the format will be as follows:

All players will pick a number from a hat and play at the corresponding table i.e. (5) five players in a tie. Players 1 to 3 (numbers picked from a hat) will play at table (1) one; the remaining (2) two players will play each other at table 2. Highest scoring player from each table gets the bye.

In the event of more than (2) two tables (more than eight players involved in playoffs) the highest scoring player from each table will again play in a (10) ten minute playoff round, (using above mentioned playoff scoring) to determine which player gets (1) one of the (2) two byes.

Playoff format will continue until only (2) two byes are given out.




Scoring for playoff rounds are as follows. Scoring is done by counting the value of each person's hand, or the number of dots on each person's remaining dominoes. The player with the lowest score, or no dominoes left, wins the total number of points in each opponent's hand, including any points from their own hand (should they be holding any dominoes) plus 20 points for the win.

Once a playoff hand is complete players will allow judges to count up all points with NO interference from the players. Once the judges have finished counting points, the next hand will commence.

If you are found interfering with the judges during their duties, you will be ineligible to compete for a bye.

At the end of the 15 minute time limit, the player with the highest point total gets the bye. The second highest point total gets the other bye.

If there is no second highest point total the second bye is determined by which player had the least amount of points scored against them, or in other words the least number of dots on their remaining dominoes counted  against them after each hand.


Domino Tournament




1. BE ON TIME - You will be allotted a (5) five minute grace period to get to your seat after break. After (5) five minutes you will forfeit the game. No refund will be issued.

2. THE FIRST ONE TO SCORE 200 POINTS IN 45 MINUTES WINS - If no one has reached 200 in 45 minutes the players with the highest scores move on.

3. NO TROWING YOUR HAND IN - If you get more than four doubles they are yours to play with.

4. TWENTY TO GET IN - You must score twenty (20) points in order for the score keeper to record your points.

5. DOMINOE MISPLAYED - Stands if not caught before next player plays.

6. WINNER – Once hand is completed players at that table will raise their hands to signal judge who will come over and record the winners points, next hand will then commence.

6b. SHUFFLE OF DOMINOES - Dominoes will be shuffled by the person to the left of the previous hands winner. Exposed dominoes during the shuffle will call for a reshuffle.

7. NO CHEATING - Spoken or by gesture. If cheating is suspected please inform the tournament judge immediately. A 75 point penalty or termination from the tournament is feasible.

8. NO DRUGS/ALCOHOL - No drugs and or/alcohol will be allowed during tournament by the participants during the elimination rounds, any evidence of such will be grounds for termination from the tournament. NO refund will be issued.

9. NO PROFANITY - No profanity will be tolerated during the tournament, anyone caught using profanity will immediately forfeit their right to further play in the tournament. NO refund will be issued.

10. NO SLAMMING OF DOMINOES - No slamming of dominoes on playing surface will be tolerated; anyone caught doing this will be forfeit their right to further play in the tournament. NO refund will be issued

11. REGISTRATION - Once you have paid your registration fee, there will be NO refunds

12. JUDGES - Judges decisions are final, anyone found arguing, threatening or trying to intimidate a judge will be escorted from the tournament and will be reported to the police. NO refund will be issued.

13. Come out have fun and make some new friends if this goes well, we will in future have even more tournaments with bigger prizes.

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