Welcome to the site of the Mid-Missouri Horse, Mule, & Ox Farming

                                                          and Historical Crafts Days!

We hope you will take a few minutes to check out what we do and how to attend our unique event. Held on the first October weekend each year, we are all about the old ways of doing things----from animal-powered farming skills to all manner of heritage and pioneer craft and knowledge. 

We are happy to be celebrating our 18th year in 2014! The dates are Oct. 4 & 5. On Saturday, Oct. 4, hours are from 10 to 5. On Sunday, Oct. 5, the hours are from 10 to 3. Admission is $6 for  ages 6 to adult, and ages five & under are free (no refunds)!. Please NO pets, NO alcohol, NO ATV's or the like. Wheelchairs and power wheelchairs are OK.

We are sponsored by the Missouri Draft Horse and Mule Association, Inc.

To see an album of photos from last year's event, click here:  http://tinyurl.com/d34c9sg

Our event is also listed on the Official Missouri Tourism Web Site





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