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The Sakolevidis Family Happy Birthday Abbie! Sorry that we couldn't' make it. Hope you have a wonderful party.
Sent on 9/18/2010
Richard Blackwell Happy Birthday Abbie!
Sent on 9/18/2010
Bridget & Julio Happy Birthday, We Love You!
Sent on 9/18/2010
Norm and Pam Pam and I so wish we could be there to celebrate with you, but know that we love you and are glad you have finally made it to the elite 50's group. Have a blessed B-Day!
Sent on 9/17/2010
Joe & Maria Luisa Estes Abbie,
Congratulations on this milestone. I hope your next fifty are as full and happy and full of love as the first fifty.
Sent on 9/17/2010
Mark & Melissa Smith We will be there.
Sent on 9/16/2010
Catherine Abouzar The Abouzars wish you a very Happy 50th birthday. It has been 20 years since that first exciting soccer season. Time has flown and those four year olds are now grown. Thanks for making those formative soccer years fun!!! Babak is now the head women's soccer coach at Lubbock Christian University. My mother and I will be there on Saturday; again, Happy 50th Birthday!!!
Sent on 9/15/2010
Catherine Abouzar The Abouzars wish you a very Happy 50th birthday. It been 20 years since that first exciting soccer season...Time has flown and those four year olds are now grown...Thanks for making those formative soccer years fun!!! He is now the head women's soccer coach at Lubbock Christian University. My mother and I will not miss your day on Saturday; again, Happy 50th Birthday!!!

Sent on 9/15/2010
Joe & Sondra Perry Abbie,
It seems like it was just yesterday that we moved to terrell and met you for the first time-actually it's beenabout about 20= years. I remember that you and Billy were always working with the Youth doing fun things with them and sometimes we went along also. We have watched you over the years grow into a beautiful Christian woman,wife, Mother and Grandmother.You are a very special person to us and we wish you the best on your 50th birthday.
Sent on 9/15/2010
Annie Wigzell Abbie, I am so sorry I am going to miss your big day but best of wishes from Ireland! Thanks for being such a great friend for all these years since I moved to Texas. You have meant a lot to me. Even though I don't see you often, you are very dear in my heart. I promise to see you and Billy when I come home for Christmas! Have a GREAT DAY!!!
Sent on 9/15/2010
Randy Perry Abbie,
Welcome to the half century club! One does not get to have many friendships of over 30 years, and I appreciate ours!
I must admit that I was not happy when you stole my college roommate and friend, but you are obviously the best thing that ever happened to Billy.
Sent on 9/14/2010
Marcy Nunez Wow the big 50! That is awesome. You stay on the go like a 35 year old, lol. Sorry I wont be able to join you on this day, but i know you will have a great time. Thanks for being a great friend. Love ya!
Sent on 9/14/2010
Greg & Julie England Happy Birthday Abbie. Hope all your wishes come true.
Sent on 9/14/2010
Perry & Kitty Harwell You and your family have been a blessing to our family and we look forward to celebrating your birthday with you on Saturday. Happy Birthday!
Sent on 9/13/2010
Jackie Beesley Girl I have loved you and been amazed at your strenghts since Billy first brought you home. And till this day you still amaze me and your still as great of a person,friend,sister,mother and grandmother any one could ever hope for. God bless and we will see you soon.
Sent on 9/12/2010
Petra Garcia & Dewi Hale Well Abbie, Happy Birthday!!.Can not beleive how time has gone by but I will be so happy to see you and your family.
Sent on 9/12/2010
Del and Mary Lou Happy 50th Birthday! We'll see you there!! Love The Fuentes Family
Sent on 9/12/2010
Mike, Candace, Michael, Little Abbie & Brooklyn McCoy Happy Birthday Momma! We Love You! I guess we will be there.
Sent on 9/11/2010
Gary & Sandra Miller Only 50??? I don't believe it. We will be there. Looking forward to a big party.
Sent on 9/10/2010
Kevin and Linda Mitchell Abbie,Abbie, Abbie, I am so excited to see you and all your family. Thank you so much Billy for remembering to envite me. We will be there will bells on! (not really) but we will be there. I have a wonderful husband, I can't wait for you to meet,(unlike the one you remember)Ha!! Boy was that a nightmare.... Can't wait to see ya. Love ya Linda
Sent on 9/10/2010
Cj Wouldn't miss it. Can't wait!!!
Sent on 9/10/2010
Suzanne & Pat Melancon Happy 50th Birthday, Abbie!! What a treat it was when Billy was able to locate us and ask us to be apart of this big celebration. It has been so many years since we have seen each other and I look so forward to the party. We had a lot of fun years together at BCBS of Texas. We hope & pray you have many more great years ahead of you with that beautiful family of yours.
Sent on 9/8/2010
Dana Skelton Abby,

Knowing you and your family over the years has truly been a pleasure. Your dedication to volunteer efforts for TISD and the band parents organization is legendary. I especially enjoyed working with you on the district PTO council and football game programs in more recent years. I will be in Mississippi attending to important family busines on the date of your party, but I wish for you the very best party in history. You deserve it.
Sent on 9/8/2010
Irene and Carl Novak Looking forward to seeing you all again.
Sent on 9/7/2010
Sallee and Blaine Miller Sorry we will not be here for your birthday party (50 years?) but we will be on our Grand Canyon bus trip. Otherwise we would have been there. You know we love you and wish you at least 50 more wonderful birthdays!
Sent on 9/3/2010
Bob and Sue Almond We will definitely be there to celebrate with you!
Looking forward to seeing the Cravens!!
Sent on 9/2/2010
Linda Story Frank and I definately plan to be there! I can't wait to see you again, Abbie! Can't believe it's been so many years...
Sent on 8/30/2010
Mary Mccoy I will be there with bells on. Abbie came along in my life when the Lord knew that I needed a strong Christian friend who also loved Disney. She has been my traveling companion to A&M Games, Disney World Trips, ring ceremonies at Colleges and any and everything that my son and daughter were involved in.

She has also volunteered me for anything and everything under the sun. I just the term volunteer losely becuase I do not really remember being asked but given the date and time for when I needed to be somewhere.

Sent on 8/28/2010
Sent on 8/27/2010
Carl Henley, Esq. Liar! Liar! Abbie said she was turning 35 on her next birthday and I believed her. Looking forward to the celebration---we already have our airplane tickets.
Sent on 8/23/2010
Cynthia Marroquin-Henley I Love You Big Sis! Happy 1/2 Century old!
Sent on 8/22/2010
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