AVI Entertainment Presents DjZx

Alexandria, VA
AVI-Entertainment is a newly emerging entertainment company that is making its way to becoming one of the most in demand entertainment service providers in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. The CEO and President is Mr. Alvin “DJ ZX” Isom and Executive Officer Ms. Tashandra “DJ Nyota” Poullard; have a little over 26+ years of DJ and party co-hosting experience between the two of them. Mr. Alvin “DJ ZX” Isom started the company in January 1982; with the hopes of taking his career as a DJ to the next level of quality entertainment. He came forward with the idea of ‘AVI’ as a representation of his initials (Alvin V. Isom). “The pride I take in the services I provide are a direct representation of who I am as a professional first, and the entertainer second. My name is my product and my product is me. I give 100% of my all to those who seek me for quality and excellence”. His name is his brand and he stands behind it! Ms. Tashandra “DJ Nyota” Poullard, joined Mr. Isom in October to 2009 as a DJ in training. Her skills as an IT professional fueled her desire to do something grater, on much larger scale. She desired to enter the entertainment industry as a DJ first, and a hopeful music/video producer. ‘As a child, I’ve marveled at the power that movies and music has over the masses. Most people have no idea how influential and inspirational these two channels of communications can become within our communities and society. If good people have the backing to bring quality products forward to young and impressionable minds, the change that would come forward form such projected positivity would be phenomenal.” The joining of these two minds has given birth to an aspiring Forbes Fortune 500 Company. A combination of skills, professionalism, compassion, and inspiration are coupled with will power, determination and a drive for success; that incorporates what we now know as AVI ENTERTAINMENT.
Package Pricing
Event Spaces
Frederick, MD  
$250 per event
Our mission is to provide you, the client, with the perfect DJ event experience from beginning to end. I know that may sound corny, but it’s very true. From the first time you contact us, you will be treated like a superstar VIP. We want to give you great customer service before, during, and after your event. Our DJ is not only great at spinning music, but he genuinely loves what he does and will always treat his clients as a friend. When asked what our “style” is, we always say “classy, but fun”. Each event is custom tailored for you right down to being able to pick out your “do” and “do not” plays in our custom portal for each of our clients. Call us and let us give you the VIP treatment.
Bristow, VA  
$342-$630 per event
Are you looking for a DJ who... •Is affordable? •Knows how to select music appropriate for any or all ages? •Has decades of experience? •Loves listening and dancing to great music? •All of the above? Then you need Family DJ, providing quality, family-friendly DJ services to the entire Northern Virginia area and beyond.
Baltimore, MD  
$449 per event
Wedding packages starting at $495 for 4 hours. Decades of experience. Free wedding reception planning. Your celebration is just as important to me as it is to you