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I would like to introduce you to the Celtic band known as “Ceol Leinn.” Recently the band has had three of it’s tunes being played on Celtic Roots Radio, out of Belfast, North Ireland, and currently has four of their tunes being played in rotation on the RUCKUS Radio Network, out of Youngstown, OH. They have just released their new CD “The Lion and The Dragon” on line and on Amazon.com. Ceol Leinn (Gaelic for "Music With Us") is a Celtic Performance band. Their music is traditional and what some may call, "World Music". The music is both romantic and stirring, as is the history that is so much a part of our collective Celtic ancestry. The roots of Blue Grass and American Gospel are explored, along with the music coming from the conflicts and trials of the Scottish Highlanders, their cousins in Ireland, and music that they have arranged or written. The members are: Dick Hastings playing the Great Highland Bagpipes; Chip Mayes playing the Great Highland Bagpipes, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, and Pennywhistle; Laurie Fisher playing Violin, Mandolin, and Keyboard; Mike Harrington playing Acoustic/Electric Guitar and Mandolin; Jeff Haas playing Lead Percussion, and Mindy Armstrong playing the Great Celtic War Drums and bass and hand drums. There are four vocalists. Through the fog rolling across the stage, a figure steps to the giant Celtic War Drums. The low thunder of the drums awakens everyone to the experience they are about to have. As the band joins in rhythmic drumming the two pipers start an ancient medley; and one by one the other instruments join in to an awakening. First a jig intertwined with the drums, then slow air which evolves into a jig in a minor key, evolving further into a strathspey, and resolving into the minor dominant melody. The performance begins The band is available for private engagements, corporate engagements and concerts. The performance package can be tailored to some degree for each contracted event.
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Lively and relaxing Jazz, perfect for parties and receptions. Trio : Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Keyboard and Bass, for house parties and groups of 100 or less. Full Quartet with singer : Saxophones, Keyboard, Drums, Bass, for conventions, large receptions, music festivals and presentations
Allen, TX  
$375 per event
A violin and cello duet, comprised of highly experienced musicians, who have delighted audiences at countless events over the years. Having a string duet perform at your event is highly advantageous and practical, as it offers the full chamber music experience minus the hefty price tag of a larger ensemble, such as a quartet or quintet. We perform at church concerts, private parties, receptions, and corporate events. We do so with utmost professionalism and confidence.