Unveiled Marketing Group

Portland, OR
AC Model and Talent,owned by the Unveiled Marketing Group. Is primarily a staffing agency, specializing in events and promotions. We facilitate a wide array of programs ranging from On/Off premise promos/samplings, in store demos, and grassroots tours. We provide striking arrangement of male and female talent to meet the promotional demographic. As a highly knowledgeable and professional event management team we can provide effective, quality results to your program needs. With local representation and management in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and California we are capable of multi-market and multi-venue campaigns. Our management team has the experience and the ability to systematically provide networking and high functionality. Once a campaign strategy is determined, ACMT will provide talent that best suits your brand personality and whom will deliver your message and product attributes in an accurate, persuasive and friendly approach. We hand select from our vast database which we build on a daily basis to best position a personalized, set team in ordinance to what is most priority to your program essentials. We hold our talent to high standards by consistently filtering our database and re-evaluating their status levels. It is important to us to provide recognition and preference on those who provide the utmost excellence. We regularly monitor, track, and assess performance on both individual and team basis for highly effective combinations. Once your team is fully established we provide training on product knowledge, key selling points, and various customer involvement strategies. We believe that if we can get our prospects to spend more time engaged in a unique product experience – with information, involvement and entertainment – we are much more likely to convert them into long term buyers. We are specialists at providing all of the cutting edge essentials in making any project uniquely competitive.
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