Recommendations of Absolutely Only Wedding Photography

Recommendations of Absolutely Only Wedding Photography

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"WOW", KimmyK from Portland, Oregon
We booked Absolutely Only Photography last year. My wedding isn't until July. But I wanted to review their service thus far because it has been more than outstanding. John and I were most concerned about our photography. We are on a fairly small limited budget of $3,000 for photography. And I have to admit, we wanted the world... well so far we got the world for half our budget with Absolutely Only. We must have seen 6 other photographers and their prices, previous photographs and packages didn't even compare. Our engagement photos were the best photos I have even had taken, we were relaxed and even had fun. I have to admit that some of the poses didn't make sense when we did them... but they had WOW. We can't wait until July. PS We didn't have to wait forever to get our pictures, only 1 week online and disc with full print rights too.


"Wonderful and more", Portland, Oregon
Andy and I loved our engagement and wedding pictures. Lots of free services (the best being his forever ON-LINE proofs and full size picture downloading... what a life saver for getting pictures to out of town family and guests) with our packages. We saved almost 30% and could al a carte what we wanted and NOT have to get what we didn't. Our engagement session was the most fun with Mel, the photographer, taking us to places we never knew about like Peninsula Rose Garden Park in North Portland, then to Crown Point and then to McCall park... many different styles of back drops and hundreds of photos. Our wedding pictures, odd to say maybe, were fun too especially after hearing from friends who had professional photographers do their weddings that were not flexible and were jerks. All I can say is if you want a PRO wedding photographer who is REASONABLE and FUN, and does wonderful work, you are not the brightest bulb in the pack if you don't check out Absolutely Only, or you won the lottery and don't care about wasting money. We saved over $1,000, but spent it on our honeymoon which was great ! Nice having an extra $1,000. Oh, our albums were top notch as well, plus again, hundreds of wedding pictures with some having special effects too. Our only issue was there are too many pictures to choose from :O) PS We didn't have a DJ, but they also played our ceremony music that they even burned for us for free on this Bose unit that sounded like an orchestra.


"OMG", GabRachS from Portland, Oregon
OMG... our only disappointment is we only booked them for 5 hours. We got over 800 pictures (they promised at least 600) and got duplicates in black and white, then another 200 special effected pictures. We were very specific of only 50 pictures we really wanted; the usual family stuff, but some real "unusual poses" we wanted. They did all 50 plus dupicates with special effects. Many are gallery quality. Our extra slide show we had had a unique format and certainly isn't the typical wedding slide show with still pictures. We shared our picturesd with everyone at the wedding because we not only had them sign the book, but also give us their email to the free on-line gallery where even Minnesota family can download full size pictures, or even order from a professional processor for amazing prices. We also got a DVD master set of pictures. I think we paid $2.40 for an 8x10 for example, but we got a total of 100 for know in different sizes and different pictures just by using the shopping cart on line. We could even get an size we wanted amd crop our pictures how we wanted. Simply amazing everything. But one thing that was so important is they always called back right away, were on time, did everything AND more we asked without herstitation and with a smile; not to mention like a lot of the other reference, we saved money and got MORE.


"Excellent", ScottKerri from Portland, Oregon
I was extremely pleased with the service here. Mel was right on schedule, and in fact he was ready to start shooting before the groomsmen and me were. He knew we had limited time to get all the shots we wanted, and he was very good at directing us and making the whole process more efficient. His prices are unbeatable, the quality of the photos was superb, and he had a great eye for creating elegant shots. You can tell he's been doing this for a long time and he takes a lot of pride in his work. He walked around for 5 hours with three different cameras hanging off him so there was never an issue of batteries needing to be changed and photo ops being missed. In fact, I didn't see him take a break once. The photos also came back in a little over a week....over 800. Plus he did a lot of fun things to them, like black and white with isolated colors, visual effects, etc. In all around 1600 photos to scan through! And there is still more to come, such as a slide show on DVD. And one more thing I appreciated was his quick response to questions. Customer service is a big deal to me, and Mel never failed to deliver. 5 star rating all the way

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