Mount Auburn Cemetery
580 Mount Auburn St Cambridge, MA
About Mount Auburn Cemetery
Since 1831, Mount Auburn has played a unique role in celebrating the lives of those who have shaped our culture, our country, and our world. For generations couples have kindled their relationships strolling together throughout the many roads and paths of the Cemetery in a special communion with the living beauty of nature and the remembrance of those interred here. In the same way that so many relationships have blossomed within these gates, so do they end here, and couples often choose Mount Auburn as their final resting place. The fact that Mount Auburn remains a place teeming with this enchanting combination of natural and man-made beauty, tranquility and reflection, makes it an ideal place to nurture new relationships and to celebrate those already made. Mount Auburn Cemetery offers two beautiful, historic chapels for your wedding ceremony. Bigelow Chapel comfortably seats 75 guests and is equipped with an organ. Renowned for its Gothic Revival style and rare Ballatine-Allen stained glass windows, the Chapel is a focal point of Mount Auburn Cemetery’s vast and layered landscape, overlooking Asa Gray Garden. In front of this historic structure is the tranquil and spacious Victorian-inspired Bigelow Chapel Lawn, which is a charming setting for your wedding photographs. The larger of the two chapels is Story Chapel, located across from Asa Gray Garden. Designed by the noted Boston architect Willard T. Sears, who also designed Fenway Court, the home and museum of Isabella Stewart Gardner, Story Chapel is a 15th-century English style chapel built of reddish–brown Potsdam sandstone and it comfortably seats 160 guests. The Chapel interior features stunning Gothic details,intricately-carved wood ceilings, and a 19th-century pulpit and pews. In addition, the Chapel offers a historic Hook & Hastings pipe organ, easy access for those with physical difficulties, and is air-conditioned. If you prefer an outdoor setting for your ceremony Mount Auburn offers three of the Cemetery’s most picturesque areas: Asa Gray Garden, Auburn Lake, and Washington Tower. All of these venues are focal points of the Cemetery and exemplify the captivating beauty of both the natural and ornamental landscape.
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