The Maine LobsterBake Company
P.O. Box 15412 Portland, ME
About The Maine LobsterBake Company
A lobster bake and clam bake from the Maine LobsterBake Co. brings people together for a delicious meal. Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, family reunions, wedding dinners, corporate outings, fund raisers, or simple gatherings all become special events. Your guests tie on a lobster bib, relax a little and have fun enjoying an authentic and complete Maine lobster bake. You can enjoy the party while we take care of all the details while preparing your meals with the same care and tradition Maine has enjoyed for generations. Maine Lobster Bake Company has years of experience catering perfect parties. Our company has been featured in magazines, TV segments and most recently The Cooking Channel with Ben Sargent and his show "Hook, Line and Dinner" where his family enjoyed a traditional bake on our home turf of Peaks Island.
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Traditional Maine Lobster Bake Package

Attendees: 25-250 | Call for price
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