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15165 Quigley Rd. Sycamore, IL
Weddings are one of the most important moments of your lives, and represent the life-changing commitment that you and your loved one have made to each other and to your families. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to share in this moment. I strive to create a unique and special ceremony that accomodates your values, family and outlook on life.
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Rockford, IL  
Blank Canvas Ministry starts with exactly what its name says...a blank canvas. With you and your partner, we can create an experience that is EXACTLY how YOU and your partner want. Need a Minister fast? We can do that. Non-traditional weddings? We do not judge. We only create beautiful experiences with both of you in mind. Call me to hear about what we can offer you. There is no charge just to call and discuss options for your special day OR if you need counseling, help with wedding vows, or any question you may have! We are here to serve you and your partner...plain and simple. What other ministers won't do (unusual locations, gender biases, and more) BLANK CANVAS WILL! We are a small company with two ordained ministers and a licensed/certified life coach for anything that may help you in your journey.