The "Pinker" by Gurkha Brand, Cigar Parties

Chicago, IL
One thing people are always in the mood for is a party. You've seen those pictures of dashing, debonair men, in fine suits, leather shoes enjoying fine Cigars and Wine. Cigar Parties are for anyone who loves a fine Cigar, not necessarily just for men of course. A Cigar Party is a social gathering where anyone who is a Cigar Aficionado can gather and enjoy each other’s company over a fine, flavorful Cigar. Introducing..The NEW.. "Pinker" Blend cigar, custom blended especially for Radio Host Geoff Pinkus, By Kaizad Hansotia, of the world famous Gurkha brand Cigar Company.. The “PINKER” cigar is currently available in one size, a 6 by 60, which is among the largest of standard cigar sizes, sometimes called a Double Toro or a Toro Gordo. The size 6 by 60 implies 6 inches long and 60/64ths of an inch in diameter. A cigar of that size is designed to be a long lasting and flavorful smoking experience. The "Pinker" by Gurkha, is SURE TO MAKE YOUR PARTY A HIT!! SO, If you are planning a BBQ, a corporate event,Bachelor Party, Fraternity Party or ANY KIND OF PARTY~!!!! Or even if you have a restaurant with some patio Space. Remember, If you Want to add a LOT of fun to your event, contact us. The cigar lifestyle is still at the peak of popularity. If you love cigars or know people that love cigars, we will help you make your party a blast with the new PINKER Gurkha Cigar . Gurkha is one of the most respected cigar brands available and speaks for itself. And you will not pay even close to retail for a stick. Also, if you are doing an event, Charity event, and you want to sell them, we can provide someone to sell them for you, at no cost to you, and YOU can MAKE MONEY!! Or you can buy at wholesale prices and sell by the stick. LOTS OF OPTIONS!! Contact us for details. We are local in the Chicago area, but if you are out of state you can also order them direct. Make your party a BLAST!! Who doesn't love a GREAT CIGAR???!!!!!
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