Mikios Natural Body Scrub ®

225 Main Street, #855 Hiram, GA
Mikios Natural Body Scrub is a USA Skin Care Company (online) that makes and sells 100 percent natural salt body scrubs without the chemicals. These top rated body scrubs clean & clear skin naturally, exfoliate skin, cure dry skin, fights acne and fungus, and moisturize skin. Flavors include coconut body scrub, lavender body scrub, eucalyptus body scrub, tea tree (lime) body scrub, peppermint body scrub, lemonlicious body scrub, straw berry body scrub, purple bliss body scrub, and tropical yummy body scrub. These are top rated body scrubs that come with Free USA shipping on all products. This is a small online company growing fast and used by people from all over the country. The jars are huge (1.3 pounds at 19 ounces) and they smell so great. You can't beat the price. In addition, no lotion is needed after you use these body scrubs.
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