Georgia World Congress Center

285 Andrew Young International Boulevard NW Atlanta, GA
Max Capacity: 209809 people
At the Georgia World Congress Center, we provide the right setting for success. No matter what you are looking for, from an intimate gathering to an international convention, the GWCC has the unique ability to host an event to its fullest. Our ability to change configurations, adapt functions and be productively versatile plays an integral part in the success of your event. Our exceptional staff of courteous, helpful and dedicated individuals helps distinguish us universally. We take pride in our reputation for warm and inviting southern hospitality for all events. The Georgia World Congress Center hosts some of the largest, most significant trade shows each year. The GWCC stands out from other competing facilities. It is one of the largest convention centers in the country – boasting 1.4 million square feet of prime exhibit space. Where do you hold the largest wireless event in the world? You hold it at the state-of-the-art Georgia World Congress Center. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure allows us to exceed the needs of telecommunications events like WIRELESS. From wireless, high-speed Internet to fiber-optic cabling and extensive teleconferencing options, the GWCC masters it all. The GWCC can easily accomodate any sort of corporate event, consumer/trade show, sporting event, or other special event. On a historic evening that proved the the Georgia World Congress Center’s commitment to excellence, George W. Bush and his White House team chose the Georgia World Congress Center as the site to address the nation about homeland security in 2001.
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Event Spaces
Auditorium C 101
Auditorium C 102
Exhibit Hall A 1
Exhibit Hall A 101
Exhibit Hall A 102
Exhibit Hall A 103
Exhibit Hall A 2
Exhibit Hall A 3
Exhibit Hall B 1
Exhibit Hall B 101
Exhibit Hall B 102
Exhibit Hall B 103
Exhibit Hall B 2
Exhibit Hall B 3
Exhibit Hall B 4
Exhibit Hall B 5
Exhibit Hall C-1
Exhibit Hall C-2
Exhibit Hall C-3
Exhibit Hall C-4
Georgia Ballroom
Georgia Ballroom 1-3
Georgia Ballroom 2
Meeting Room A 207
Meeting Room A 301
Meeting Room A 302
Meeting Room A 303
Meeting Room A 304
Meeting Room A 305
Meeting Room A 306
Meeting Room A 307
Meeting Room A 308
Meeting Room A 309
Meeting Room A 310
Meeting Room A 311
Meeting Room A 312
Meeting Room A 313
Meeting Room A 314
Meeting Room A 315
Meeting Room A 316
Meeting Room A 401
Meeting Room A 402
Meeting Room A 403
Meeting Room A 404
Meeting Room A 405
Meeting Room A 406
Meeting Room A 407
Meeting Room A 408
Meeting Room A 409
Meeting Room A 410
Meeting Room A 411
Meeting Room A 411/412
Meeting Room A 411/412B
Meeting Room A 412
Meeting Room A 412A
Meeting Room B 201
Meeting Room B 202
Meeting Room B 203
Meeting Room B 204
Meeting Room B 205
Meeting Room B 206
Meeting Room B 207/228
Meeting Room B 208
Meeting Room B 209
Meeting Room B 210
Meeting Room B 211
Meeting Room B 211/212
Meeting Room B 212
Meeting Room B 213
Meeting Room B 213/214
Meeting Room B 214
Meeting Room B 215
Meeting Room B 216
Meeting Room B 216/217
Meeting Room B 217
Meeting Room B 218
Meeting Room B 301
Meeting Room B 302
Meeting Room B 302/303
Meeting Room B 302/303/304
Meeting Room B 302/303/304/305
Meeting Room B 303
Meeting Room B 303/304
Meeting Room B 304
Meeting Room B 305
Meeting Room B 306
Meeting Room B 307
Meeting Room B 308
Meeting Room B 308/309
Meeting Room B 309
Meeting Room B 310
Meeting Room B 311
Meeting Room B 312
Meeting Room B 312/313
Meeting Room B 312/313/314
Meeting Room B 312/313A
Meeting Room B 313
Meeting Room B 313/314
Meeting Room B 313A
Meeting Room B 313B
Meeting Room B 313B/314
Meeting Room B 314
Meeting Room B 315
Meeting Room B 316
Meeting Room B 317
Meeting Room B 318
Meeting Room B 319
Meeting Room B 401
Meeting Room B 401/402
Meeting Room B 402
Meeting Room B 403
Meeting Room B 404
Meeting Room B 405
Meeting Room B 405/406
Meeting Room B 405/406/407
Meeting Room B 405/406A
Meeting Room B 406
Meeting Room B 406/407
Meeting Room B 406A
Meeting Room B 406B
Meeting Room B 406B/407
Meeting Room B 407
Meeting Room B 408
Meeting Room B 409
Meeting Room B 410
Meeting Room B 411
Meeting Room C 103
Meeting Room C 104
Meeting Room C 105
Meeting Room C 105/106
Meeting Room C 106
Meeting Room C 107
Meeting Room C 108
Meeting Room C 108/109
Meeting Room C 109
Meeting Room C 110
Meeting Room C 201
Meeting Room C 202
Meeting Room C 202/203
Meeting Room C 202/203/204
Meeting Room C 203
Meeting Room C 203/204
Meeting Room C 204
Meeting Room C 205
Meeting Room C 206
Meeting Room C 207
Meeting Room C 208
Meeting Room C 208/209
Meeting Room C 208/209/210
Meeting Room C 209
Meeting Room C 209/210
Meeting Room C 210
Meeting Room C 211
Meeting Room C 211/212
Meeting Room C 211/212/213
Meeting Room C 212
Meeting Room C 212/213
Meeting Room C 213
Meeting Room C 301
Meeting Room C 302
Meeting Room C 303
Meeting Room C 303/304
Meeting Room C 303/304/305
Meeting Room C 304
Meeting Room C 304/305
Meeting Room C 305
Meeting Room C 306
Meeting Room C 306/307
Meeting Room C 306/307/308
Meeting Room C 307
Meeting Room C 307/308
Meeting Room C 308
Sidney J. Marcus Auditorium
Thomas B. Murphy Ballroom
Thomas B. Murphy Ballroom 1
Thomas B. Murphy Ballroom 1-2
Thomas B. Murphy Ballroom 1-4
Thomas B. Murphy Ballroom 2-3

Night to Remember.., An Eventective User from Atlanta, Ga

Whenever I attend an event at the GWCC, it is the most memorable time that you can have in the heart of Atlanta. It's neighbors to the Georgia Dome so lots of different events take place at the Gwcc. I enjoyed the scenery and the amenities that the offered. It was very spacious and never at all felt like we were packed or too close to people. The lightening and decor is splendid. Definitely a place that you can have any event here. There was plenty of security and police so we felt safe at all times. The parking is not far from the venue, i was surprised at the short walk.I recently attended an elegant ball. And the food and setup was beautiful.. If you are looking for a big venue for a lot of people to attend without making them feel tight and packed in, Gwcc is a great place for any event that you would want to cherish forever. The staff was very friendly and helpful, very professional as well. They have all different types and sizes and setup of rooms for any type of meeting. Any event here is definitely worth the money and time.i would recommend this venue to anybody who is ready to have a good time with their family, friends and business partners. There is always some type of exclusive event going on a Gwcc so when u wanna adventure out in the city you can check the website and see what events they have planned on their calendar.

Georgia World Congress Center Highly Recommended for Venue Choice, An Eventective User from Franklin, NC

The World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA is a perfect venue for a large meeting, conference, or trade show. It contains various meeting rooms, a large floor for trade shows, and is great for any event that is to entertain a large number of clients. The location is essential in that it is easy to find along with plenty of parking on the site. One can drive directly to the venue or ride the local transportation service to the venue.

GWCC VENUE, An Eventective User from Atlanta, Georgia

Recently we hosted a conference at the GWCC. It was a great venue in terms of location and space. The venue is located in the heart of downtown and is also next to the Omni Hotel and the CNN center where it was very convenient because inside the CNN center there was a food court for all event attendees to attend. The space we had held 2,500 people not including vendors and volunteers. The clean up crew as well as the maintenance staff were very informative and responsive when ever we needed something done. Overall the event was a success and the staff at the GWCC was extremely professional the entire time.

Passion 2012 Conference, An Eventective User from Dacula, Georgia

I recently attended the Passion 2012 Conference at the Georgia Dome and the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The venues were amazing. First off, the location, which is in the heart of Atlanta by Centennial Park and in walking distance to so many great activities and restaurants, is perfect for a conference. The venues are all clustered around each other. The Dome serves as a great arena for large gatherings. The Congress Center has many large and varying ballrooms and showrooms. The venues were always in great shape and always kept sparkling clean for the duration of my conference. In my opinion, there is no better place in Atlanta to hold a conference!

Georgia World Congress Center, Great Place for a Business Meeting, An Eventective User from Chicago, Illinois

This was a great place. I went there for a business conference about a year ago. The facility itself, was very easy to find and it was easy to navigate. The employees there were very friendly and helpful. It was a very comfortable and professional environment and I enjoyed my time there. If I ever have to go to Atlanta on business again, hopefully my conference will be at this facility again. I almost got transferred to Atlanta and I was already thinking about having business conferences here. I ended up staying in Chicago, but this conference center was probably one of the best I have seen. I have traveled all over the country and this was a memorable conference because the facility was so nice. I got to talking to some of the workers and they could tell I was from out of town. They were very understanding and respectful. They helped me with any questions I had and did their best to make sure I had a good experience. I would recommend anyone in that area who needs to have a conference of some kind to try and make it here. Coming in from out of town, my biggest concern was not being able to find where I needed to go. The people are helpful and they even have a nice map at the front of the facility to help direct guests.

GWCC: The best in the south, An Eventective User from Atlanta,Ga

The Georgia World Congress Center is the premier place to hold a meeting or conference in the metro Atlanta area. It is the biggest conference center in the metro Atlanta area. It has many large rooms used for conventions but also many smaller board rooms for meetings or smaller events. Coca Cola is known to use this convention center many times during the year. They have a dining room that can hold over eight thousand people at one time, this is the largest in the southeast. The Georgia World Congress Center is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta and is right next to Philips Arena and the Georgia Dome. There are many restaurants located near the Georgia World Congress Center. Teds Montana Grill, Taco Mac and Dantanas are just to name a few. The Georgia World Congress has been opened for over thirty years and has a great reputation in the entire Georgia area. The Georgia World Congress center has over a million visitors every year. It has been the main convention center when the Superbowl, World Series, and WrestleMania were in town. The Georgia World Congress center would be a great convention venue due to its large size, its location, its great reputation and its access to many of Atlanta premier restaurants. It is fair in price and sometimes during slow months can be as cheap as renting a hotel board room. I would highly recommend the Georgia World Congress Center to any business whether there small or large.

Best Place In The State, An Eventective User from atlanta, GA

My because the only food that was allowed to be sold had to be handled and or provided by Georgia World Congress Center. When we initially decided on the event we wanted to make money by allowing the vendors to promote their food items. The Georgia World Congress Center is located in the center of downtown Atlanta. The MARTA transit system comes directly in front of the building and drop s off patrons at every side. Outside of the Congress Center there are many restaurants. The Georgia World Congress Center has ample restrooms, a coffee shop, and the price was considerably reasonable. It was under $20,000 for the entire section C! Unbelievable! Our customer care provider handle us with kid gloves and she was there throughout the entire experience to offer any advice or answer any of our many questions. We didn't have to pay for clean up because it was provided in the cost. You couldn't pick a better place to host an event! company hosted a dance competition a few years ago. After looking at many venues we decided to go with the Georgia World Congress Center. The center is also a part of Philips Arena and The Georgia Dome. The customer service was outstanding. It is really hard to find good customer service in this day and age and that was the biggest seller for my team. They had everything we needed. They provided in house catering, staging, music. EVERYTHING!! The section that we had was section C. There was an upstairs level that we used as a VIP section for our special guest. The only draw up was our vendors couldn't sale food