Recommendations of Brent Nicholaysen Wedding Videography Videographer Video

Recommendations of Brent Nicholaysen Wedding Videography Videographer Video

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"Vivid colors and every detail remembered on video!", An Eventective User from Orlando, Florida
Vivid colors and every detail remembered on video!! We were all very pleased and thrilled to watch our beautiful video! We loved our wedding day and I am so happy I am able to watch it whenever I want! This was crucial to us as we want our future kids and family to be able to watch and enjoy as well as us be able to relive the day throughout the years on anniversaries and just because. My dad was struck by the vividness of the colors and my mom really appreciated that you got the surroundings and details for friends and family who were not present to see. A record of our wedding day and the surroundings were set up beautifully with the camera. Thanks so much for our video! It's been amazing to look back over the wedding and to get to see all those things we never saw! We received our video back within weeks of getting married. Very timely. You were extremely professional and considerate. You have been timely and thorough.  Thank you so much for your hard work!


"Professionalism……..with much appreciation...... ", bethteaf from Jacksonville, Florida
Wow!!  We just finished watching the highlight video and we can't say enough about all the details you captured.........from the beginning collage with the added falling leaves effect, to the dove in the tree, they were just wonderful.
We loved how you merged the two dances and actually had The Mystery Band playing "our song", Wonderful Tonight....what a nice surprise , and the funny touches.........we weren't sure if you knew, but the Canon Robb place setting frame, so we moved Canon Robb's to Rick's seat to be if you caught that on purpose, we loved made us laugh.........and all the little touches you added, like the fireplace, and the flower shots.....and the "time after time" song was memorable, the way you were walking with us........

....the way you captured us walking to the horse and carriage........and my funny graceful ascent onto the carriage.........Haha.......and the way you framed every shot with something the Florida House Inn Sign and the thoughtful extras like the bustling of the dress.......the historic plaques/stone and all of the dancing video...

We can't thank you enough........your professionalism shows and we would highly recommend you...........with much appreciation......


Beth and  Rich Teaf


"Without video, we had no way to relive our wedding", angelicasan from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Brent provided us with a lasting memory of our wedding that we will be able to enjoy for years to come. The wedding day goes by so fast. Without the video, we had no way to continue to relive, remember, and enjoy the many great moments of our wedding. Brent did a great job capturing the ceremony and our quiet conversation with each other during that time. Also, he captured all of the important moments along the way and our favorite is the footage at the end singing with the band. Brent was always very responsive, professional, and easy to work with. I'd recommend him with no hesitation.


"Best decision I made was the wedding video!", An Eventective User from New York, NY
My daughter's wedding video was most important. Pictures are one thing but having a video of her wedding, hearing her voice as she was saying her vows is a beautiful thing, watching her dance and enjoy herself. Watching the video of the ceremony brought tears to my eyes as well as watching her have the time of her life at the reception. His video captured that and I will be forever grateful. Family members that have watched the video have enjoyed it so much!! The quality of the video was amazing. From the opening shots of the grounds around the Club Continental to the flowers, every shot was perfect. The best decision I made was ignoring my daughter's wishes and I myself hiring a videographer. As for being professional, I couldn't have asked for anyone more professional than Brent Nicholaysen. From our initial contact via e-mail to the actual event was great. Thank you so much for being a part of Lisa & Will's special day!!
Eve Rosadi
New York, NY


"A great investment and I would recommend Brent", An Eventective User from Jacksonville, FL
Our wedding video was amazing! Your turnaround time was unbelievable, I know some brides have to wait months for their video and yours was ready by the time I got back from the honeymoon. It was so nice to relive those memories as if they had just happened thanks to you getting the video done so quickly! The quality of the video was excellent, and my family and I were commenting on how professional you were - many times we didn't even notice you were there filming us which was great because you captured candid and natural footage. Some of my favorite moments captured were the ceremony footage: the "before", my husband and I :) during the ceremony, the vows (even when the priest decided to do them from the side instead of the middle!),  and of course the reception: the first dances, the toasts and definitely the dancing! My family and I were laughing watching everyone dance and enjoy themselves. I knew our guests had a good time, but our wedding video really showed me how much everyone enjoyed the night. My other favorite part was the interviews. Seeing my parents and my immediate family express how much they loved us and their happiness that day was incredible - they had me in tears!!! The highlight video is a great way to get the feel of the wedding without it running too long. This was such a great investment and I would recommend Videographer Brent Nicholaysen to any bride who wants her wedding memories captured professionally on video at an excellent price. Thank you! Sandra Solis


"The best gift we gave ourselves", An Eventective User from St Augustine
Wow! We received our wedding video immediately after our wedding. We love the quick service!  Thank you so much for shipping it to us!  We watched it that evening and enjoyed reliving our special day again.

You were so professional throughout all the chaos.

We are so pleased with your work. The best gift we gave ourselves was hiring you. You were able to capture our day from beginning to end and all of the footage was wonderful. There was not a dull moment in your video and we really liked that aspect of your service. I love the still shots at the beginning of each part. The introduction was really nice too. Thanks for sending multiple copies!!  Our parents will love these!

Hands down you were the most valuable to attend our wedding.
We are so thankful. Keep up the awesome work!  St Augustine is lucky to have you!

Renia and Tommy Noris
Greenville, Sc


"Our wedding video is a complete picture of our day", An Eventective User from Jacksonville, FL
My husband Sam and I got back from the Honeymoon and we finally had the opportunity to gather some family together a few days to watch the highlight video. We all loved it!! The wedding day goes by so fast, that it is hard to remember all of the details - this video was a great way to re-live those special moments! I was surprised at how quickly we got the videos and that they were such high quality. The pictures and sound were both very clear and the highlight video flowed really well. We also really appreciate the fact that our videographer provided the extra copies. We plan to give those as gifts to our parents - we know that it will be really special for them! I loved seeing all of our friends and family on the video - we didn't get to spend as much time as we wanted with everybody, so it was fun to see everyone at the reception talking, interacting and enjoying the evening. Some of my other favorite moments are, of course, the ceremony, our first dance, dancing with our parents, cutting the cake. But, it was also the other little moments - getting dressed, seeing they guys getting ready and what they were doing...all of those things I didn't get to see before the wedding. The video kind of gives you a complete picture of the day! It was interesting, when I mentioned I had my wedding video, my uncle commented that he didn't even really notice that there was a videographer at the wedding - which I think speaks volumes about how well you just blended in, but still captured so much! If someone were to ask me whether to do a wedding video or not, I would absolutely recommend it! After receiving mine, I can't imagine not having it.... we are looking forward to enjoying this video for years to come!!


"My videos are PERFECT!!!!", An Eventective User from Jacksonville Florida 32202
My videos are PERFECT!!!! I watched the highlight video at work right after it was delivered and I was overwhelmed with joy. Brent captured so many moments I forgot or didn't know about and I loved all of it. Kevin was also very impressed! I Thank him so much, for everything!!! We received our wedding video in a timely manor and in fact, it came way sooner than I expected! It was great quality. Everyone who viewed it was very surprised with the detail and loved the beginning screen. Brent Nicholaysen was Very professional! I loved the shots of The Cedar House, the Castle Otttis and I LOVED the shot of Kevin and I's "True Love" table decoration. It meant a lot to Kevin and I so to see it captured on video. My family members said they all have loved it! They were very impressed with the quality. I Absolutely feel that having my wedding captured on video was a valuable way of preserving lasting memories. I could not imagine not having this video. Pictures are nice, but in them I can't see all the emotion developing like I can in a video. To me, my wedding videos are priceless. Everything was just perfect. I keep watching the videos and they just make me so happy. As a lot of newlyweds say, the day goes by so fast, so it's hard to remember certain details. But seeing the video helps me relive every moment. Thank you SO much Brent!! Brent, I just wanted to take a second to thank you, so much, for all your work. You were great and my photographer (who's like family to me) said you were amazing to work with. You were so behind the scenes, it was like you weren't even there! And when we did speak, you were so nice/friendly, yet still professional. You have been my favorite vendor throughout this whole process. You explained everything to me and there were no mishaps or bad surprises, and Kevin and I LOVE that. Thank you again, for everything! Holly Tobie


"we recommend this videographer", 000xxx000 from Neptune Beach, Florida
My husband David and I viewed our video and we wanted to thank Brent Nicholaysen so much for his efforts. We really appreciated it. We really got to see the wedding instead of just being in the wedding. We liked how Brent captured the interaction with our guests and all of the candid shots of us as a couple. We loved our wedding video!


"BEAUTIFUL VIDEO", shanah111 from Jacksonville, Florida
I loved Brent’s work! I can’t thank him enough for shooting our wedding video the very last minute. OMG IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! HE DID AMAZING JOB i cried when i saw it, he is an amazing videographer, thank him soo much for being apart of the most important day of my life!!!I can’t thank him enough i have told everyone about him!!! I will love to write on his website i will get to it tonight- thank you i really cant express how beautiful it came out you are AMAZING