If you are looking for a gift, invitation or favor out-of-the-ordinary, here's your chance to get one ... and my chance to offer you unique handmade products made with extra love and care. Hi, my name is Nessie and I am a local South Florida artist and a proud mother of two. For a couple of years now I have being doing invitations and party favors for my circle of friends, family and parish members. After many years of praise about my creative projects, I finally decided to get out there and make it available for everyone to see. I am happy to announce CREARTIVITY… personalized handmade gifts and stationary for children's special occasions. Fabric embroidered products, invites, and paper products guaranteed to be unforgettable keepsakes. Fabric Products: Personalized fabric bookmarks embroidered with an icon of special event, child's name, event type, and event date. They are heirloom quality, made out of linen or cotton, finished with a crochet trimming (optional). Paper products: Whimsical paper products individually designed with a cartoon character of your child… On each design you can customize the look of your cartoon. Those around me already know how enthusiastic I am about this new project. I am putting my creative background to use in my new company. Please take a look at my etsy webpage www.etsy.com/shop/creartivitydesigns. It has information about my products. To see a more extensive look at my products you can visit my webpage www.creartivitydesigns.com For orders and more information please contact me at *NOT DISPLAYED* , *NOT DISPLAYED* or visit my website at www.creartivitydesigns.com CREARTIVITY Copyright © 2010 NEMY family owned business - located in Miramar, FL
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