Angela Cosmai Salon

1026 High Ridge Road Stamford, CT
Many hair salons provide services of numerous types but there are a small number of such establishments that offer services of the highest level that surpass all others in their field. It is known as “Angela Cosmai Salon” and is a model of high class hair care and styling. What stands this establishment out above other is the dedication they show in maintaining particular strict standards and rules in all they do. Faithful to this way of operation the salon has managed to grow both in size and in reputation for the last several years. At the moment both Stamford and New York Angela Cosmai hair salons have presented great success, such that they also cooperate with various other salons around the US. One should not neglect to mention that their work in hair coloration is widely known in the fashion world. Even Vogue, one of the best known and reputing fashion magazine today have presented reportages of her work and her philosophy concerning hair treatment and styling. The quality of the salons’ staff is also of the highest standards allowing them not only to maintain their good name but to grow in reputation as the time goes passing by. It's their staff that has managed to maintain the high level of services provided here as well as elevate the reputation and prestige of the salon even further. Beauty and healthy appearance is the goal here and that's exactly what's achieved with much effort and dedication by the whole staff.They even have their own product lines that satisfy their whole philosophy on hair treatment and styling. For more info one can take a pick at their web site as well as contact with them directly or via e-mail. In terms of protecting haircare there is no other place that can mach them.
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