Surrey Blackburn Photography
322 Reichling Avenue Pacifica, CA
About Surrey Blackburn Photography
Surrey Blackburn photographs professionally for over 18 years, and if Surrey learned anything, it’s that what people want most to see in a photo is the feeling—the joy, the love, the tenderness, the vulnerability, whatever was there.“My own special joy is to create the environment that encourages people to relax and enjoy the moment so I can capture those feelings.“This may involve using technology to overcome impossible lighting or a challenging shooting situation.“And finally, it invariably includes keeping an eye peeled for those priceless, unplanned moments that I like to think of as people caught in the act of being themselves. Surrey has studied with some of the area’s best photographers, and continues to take field courses and seminars in photography, including the fast-changing world of photographic technology. In the final analysis however, it all comes down to creating images that speak to the viewer.
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