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Yes yes yes!, An Eventective User from Orinda, CA

I love Jelly Bellies. So I thought a perfect party idea for my 12 year old girl would be to go to the Jelly Belly Factory and take a tour there. It was so fun! When we walked in we smelled the aroma of chocolate and pineapple jellybeans, and my daughter was hooked from that moment on. In the beginning of the factory they w\have a bunch of little fun things you can look at like sculptures and things to read for the parents. But for the kids they have every single Jelly Belly flavor you can sample. Sure, they can only give you one Jelly Belly of that flavor, but there are hundreds of flavors! When our tour was ready, we were escorted to a part where all the Jelly Belly's are made. Its really neat because they tell you how they do it, AS they are doing it. Of course all the kids are beyond amazed at this point. Then, just in time when all the kids get tired, they take us to a private room to have pizza and ice cream and cake. We had the option of buying a store bought cake or buying one there, and we made the mistake of buying a store bought one because the party room next to us bought one from the package and looked spectacular, Oh well. The pizza was really good though. Then, after pizza, it was our time to leave, and they gave us goodies bags, free of charge! They had a pack of Jelly Beans and some games in them. Pretty cool because they gave us them for free! Also, the staff were nice. But it wasnt the best I've seen.