The Westin Kierland Resort And Spa
6902 E Greenway Pky Scottsdale, AZ
About The Westin Kierland Resort And Spa
For couples looking for special times, for families looking for fun, for the business traveler seeking comfort and convenience, The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa offers even more than a luxurious, full-service resort. The Kierland Experience brings an entire community to you: a resort with everything you could possibly need: a spa, golf, unique dining, art, history, music, meeting facilities, and nearby shopping and entertainment. So come, wander the grounds of this distinctive 732-room retreat. Explore its hidden corners. Discover its intimate treasures. Let go and relax!
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Event Spaces
Brittlebush Bar & Grill
Culturekeepers Hall S
Culturekeepers Hall W
Cushing Room A Or B
Cushingn Room
Greenway Room
Greenway Room A Or B
Herberger Ballroom
Herberger Ballroom 1
Kierland Grand Ballroom
Nellie Cashman’s Monday Club Cafe
Entire Facility
Hall Of State
Herberger Ballroom 1,2
Herberger Ballroom 1,2,3
Herberger Ballroom 1,2,3,A,B
Herberger Ballroom 2
Herberger Ballroom 3
Herberger Ballroom 3,A,B
Herberger Ballroom 3,A,B,4,5
Herberger Ballroom 4
Herberger Ballroom 4,5
Herberger Ballroom 4,5,A,B
Herberger Ballroom 4,A
Herberger Ballroom 5
Herberger Ballroom 5,B
J. Swilling's Pool Bar & Grill
Kierland Ballroom 1 A&B Or B&C
Kierland Ballroom 1(A, B & C)
Kierland Ballroom 1A
Kierland Ballroom 1B
Kierland Ballroom 1C
Kierland Ballroom 2
Kierland Ballroom 2&3
Kierland Ballroom 3
Kierland Ballroom 4 A&B Or B&C
Kierland Ballroom 4(A, B & C)
Kierland Ballroom 4A
Kierland Ballroom 4B
Kierland Ballroom 4C
Kirkland Room
Lowell Room
Lowell Room A Or B
Mapmakers Room
Mapmakers Room A Or B
Marshall's Outpost Lawn
Marshall's Outpost Pavillon
Merriam Room
Merriam Room A Or B
Noble Boardroom
Pathfinders Room
Pathfinders Room A Or B
Peacekeepers Garden
Powell Room
Powell Room A or B
Rainmakers Ballroom
Rainmakers Ballroom A
Rainmakers Ballroom A&B Or B&C
Rainmakers Ballroom B
Rainmakers Ballroom C
Surveyors Suites A,B Or C
Trailblazers Terrace
Tribal Room
Tribal Room A Or B