Serpentine Studios Bellydance
1668 Barrington st, #200 Halifax, NS
About Serpentine Studios Bellydance
Serpentine Studios is the collaboration of professional bellydance artists Laura Selenzi and Monique Ryan. Monique's tribal fusion and Laura's classical Egyptian training combine with elements of world dance, circus and theatre to create a truly unique and hypnotic style. Maybe you're looking for that magic ingredient to make your wedding extra special. Or perphaps you want to make sure your bachelorette party is a blast! Whatever event you're looking to create, Bellydance is an exciting art form that excels at entertaining audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Laura and Monique have been performing bellydance since 1998 and are known as local authorities in this fascinating dance. Cabaret Serpentine has performed in a huge variety of shows, catered to many different audiences. Laura and Monique can work with you to create just the kind of event you're looking for.
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