GX Dance STudio
Medicine Hat, AB
About GX Dance STudio
Hello, I would like to offer our business info to you as an option while planning weddings in Medicine Hat and alberta. We offer an opportunity for breakdance and hip hop entertainment during the wedding reception. We have done 5 weddings this season and it has been a HUGE success and something that leaves guests talking about what a great way to kick off the wedding dance. Usual wedding performance is as follows: 1.bride and groom do first dance with any other traditional dances they would like. 2. (DJ plays a few songs to start the dance for others guests to dance (optional) 3. Aaron and Kendra (a married team of hip hop and breakdancers) take the mic and intro the dance has begun and we want to celebrate the bride and groom. 4. 5 minute entertainment of breakdance and hip hop 5. aaron teaches groomsmen and groom breakdance combo while kendra teaches bride and bridesmaids a hip hop combo and the two groups "battle" 6 5 minutes hip hop and breakdance demo followed by getting everyone on the dance floor for a fun sing (YWCA or micheal jackson or polka -if ukrainian) IT is an amazing addition to the wedding reception dance!
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